Week 1 The Romano Era (Closed) (Ringside) [Early In Show]

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Week 1 The Romano Era (Closed) (Ringside) [Early In Show]

Post by Sohee Romano on Fri Aug 24, 2018 9:19 am

The scene fades in from black at ringside where the WFW crowd is cheering and waving about their merchandise and home made fans for what feels like five seconds, before they are cut off by the lights in the arena shutting off. The crowd goes silent as "Samurai" by Juno Reactor begins to play as they are unsure as to who is coming out.

As the crowd remains eager Taeyang Noh's voice can be heard over the PA system as he begins to tell a story with the music adding to the effect.

Taeyang Noh: In the beginning, there was a young girl who was against the world. She defied the odds and defied all the people who said she couldn't or wouldn't be a successful warrior. And after years of training and mastering the ways of Aikido, one name stood out in everyone's mind. Sohee Romano! Sohee Romano endured a cruel hardship here in War Force Wrestling at the hands of one Casey Grant! But you didn't discourage her Casey! YOU only fueled the fire that burned within this young talented woman! Some even say that her heart beats with the eternal flame of a Samurai! And while we are not Japanese, the Cage Brothers would go and disrespect Sohee Romano with some body pillow presuming that she is. I hope the two of you are happy, because Beaver and Squirrel are directly responsible for what WFW is going to get out of Sohee Romano!

Now at thirty seconds into the song with the beat picking up, the WFW fans go wild with mixed reactions as Sohee Romano comes out from the back debuting a new look with a silky black one piece that is covered by a long layer of lace. She is also wearing a studded wristband on her right wrist that extends up her forearm a bit, and is carrying the WFW Invictus Championship over her right shoulder.

Roy Bishop: Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome the new Invictus Champion! Hailing from Seongbuk-gu Korea, and standing at 5`4" tall, weighing in at 95lbs. Accompanied by Taeyang Noh! SOHEEEE ROMANOOOO!!!

Taeyang Noh comes out from the back carrying a microphone as he follows out behind Sohee Romano with the two of them making their way down to the ring and sliding into it under the bottom rope. Sohee Romano moves about the ring holding up her championship with both hands high above her head to show it off to all sections of the crowd who continue to give her a mixed reaction. After Taeyang Noh gets behind her, she stops showing off the title and places it back over her right shoulder so that they can speak with the music fading out and coming to an end.

Taeyang Noh: Quite frankly I'm disappointed by the lack of respect YOU PEOPLE are showing to your new Champion! Sohee Romano did not forget that she was involved in a match while the Cage Brothers were celebrating a false victory! If YOU PEOPLE want to boo somebody, boo the Cage Brothers for being the morons who made Sohee Romano look like the bad guy! She did what anyone of you would have done given the situation! And YOU PEOPLE can't deny that!

Alfie Shaw: I'm liking this new attitude being displayed by Taeyang Noh. Not to mention the new look that Sohee Romano is debuting!

Peter Mccoy: I mean, if you want to look at the fact that Taeyang Noh is setting up for a hate crime... What's NOT to love about Sohee Romano! She's stunning no matter what she's doing or wearing!

Alfie Shaw: Uhh... You sure you want to open with that Peter? Don't forget we are on open mics...

Sohee Romano moves back to speak into Taeyang's microphone.

Sohee Romano: 가져!

Taeyang Noh quickly speaks up as he looks out towards the back.

Taeyang Noh: A very bold statement from Sohee Romano who isn't wasting anytime in looking for her first challenger! The gauntlet has been laid down as she wishes for someone to come and "Take it". Now I'm not the person who books matches but if anyone back there wants a piece of the Aikido Master and the Nikyo Wristlock, then comes make a statement before tonight's show is over! Thank you!

Taeyang Noh throws the microphone out of the ring which lands with a loud thud on the outside before fizzling out over the PA system. Taeyang Noh and Sohee Romano exchange a few words inside of the ring to each other as the scene fades to black.
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