Week 1 The Best Is Here (Closed) (Backstage) (Early in the show)

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Week 1 The Best Is Here (Closed) (Backstage) (Early in the show)

Post by "The Best" Edomite on Fri Aug 24, 2018 5:22 pm

An unknown man appears somewhere in the backstage area standing in front of the camera as silence fills the area he is standing in after a short while the unknown man starts addressing the crowd

???:Ladies and morons you guys don't know me yet but i don't care actually

The "unknown" man smiles

???:but nontheless i need to tell you my name because after my debut you people will remember it and tell your friend who doesn't watch war force wrestling and i wouldn't blame him to be honest that this new guy is the best of war force wrestling and when your friend asks you who you WILL tell him its Edomite

Crowd starts chanting 'Who are you" while Edomite continues to smile

Edomite:Alright fair enough i still haven't proved myself but it doesn't matter i will take tonight as an opportunity to prove one thing

Edomite raises a finger in front of the camera

Edomite:And that Edomite E-D-O-M-I-T-E is the best in the WFW roster hell maybe even in this weak wrestling industry nowdays

Edomite now has a serious dark look in his eyes

Edomite:Ladies and gentlemen and everyone who is currently watching

Edomite takes a step forward towards the camera where his face only can be shown


Edomite walks away from the camera as the scene slowly fades to black

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