Week 1 The Cage Brothers pouting their defeat. (must be before our other segment) -Near the start of the show-

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Week 1 The Cage Brothers pouting their defeat. (must be before our other segment) -Near the start of the show-

Post by Beaver Cage on Fri Aug 24, 2018 10:57 pm

War-Force PPV
Situation: Interview
Location: Footage
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First Segment
Early show

The scene opens with the camera showing some fans in the crowd.

They seem quiet, clearly moved by the sudden heart attack that Kieron Grant suffered. Some are trying to show compasion by raising a signs reading "Thoughts and Prayers to Kieron" and "The show must go on"

The titantron shows a shows a "last week" sign as the Cage Brothers seems exausted after their triple threat match for the Invictus Title.

The brothers walk through a corridor backstage when Lars Olsen softly approaches to ask them a few questions.

Lars Olsen: Guys, what happened?! What a twist we had.

Squirrel Cage: I don't know what to say, but my back is killing me.

Beaver Cage: It seems like it wasn't the right time or the right belt.

Beaver Cage shakes his own mask trying to alleviate the pain.

Lars Olsen has his arms around Squirrel Cage helping him walk a few more steps.

Lars Olsen: I told you guys to watch out, specially after meddling with the Platoon couple.

Squirrel Cage: Yeah, but what could we do? We had no choice after Casey changed our match.

Lars Olsen: Speaking of which, you forgot something.

Lars Olsen quickly leaves the scene and returns after a few moments with Sohee's Body Pillow, giving her to Beaver.

Squirrel Cage: We didn't forgot about her, she was confortably sitting on her our private deluxe lounge area watching her own victory.

Beaver Cage: -Softly speaking- You fought so well, congratulations!

Squirrel Cage pulls a cardboard copy of the Invictus Championship Belt from inside his mouth and puts it around the Pillow's "waist"

Lars Olsen: Guys, you need to stick together and stay focused. Sohee Romano had her opportunity and you too deserve yours. Now, go rest, you had a great match and deserve to rest.

Beaver Cage shakes Sohee's Body Pillow as she bellows a big japanese laughter.

Sohee's Body Pillow: もちろん。 私はチャンピオンです (translation: Of course. I'm the champion.)

The scene fades to black
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