Week 1 Some Risky Business

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Week 1 Some Risky Business

Post by Beaver Cage on Fri Aug 24, 2018 11:49 pm

The scene opens with the Cage Brothers walking backstage.

As the Camera closes we can hear that they are having a conversation.

Squirrel Cage: Man, we need to change our way of thinking, we need to take ourselves more seriously.

Beaver Cage: Exactly, just like Sohee, Adora and Kyra are doing. They've reached the top.

Squirrel Cage: Casey and Sarah interfered with our matches, because we're not the company product. They don't believe in our true potential.

After walking a few more steps both Brothers stop in front of a closed door, at the door we can see a sign reading -Risky Biznu, Counseling-

Beaver Cage: That's it, who else to teach us how to become the perfect corporate product than the devil himself?

Squirrel Cage: The devil? He's just a rich guy.

Beaver Cage: Same difference. Anyway...

Both Brothers reach for the door opening it.

The scene fades as it goes into commercial break.

Narrator who is clearly Beaver Cage trying to sound raspy: The following presentation is brought to you by BlockBuster, we too don't know how they still have money to pay us.

The camera shows a moving train.

As it gets close we can see two sillhoutes on top of it.

We can see Squirrel Cage holding a gun pointing at someone who clearly looks like Beaver facing away from the camera.

The camera turns around showing Squirrel from the back and we can see Beaver is holding Sohee's Body Pillow at gunpoint, we can see an evil smirky on his Beaver face.

Squirrel Cage: Stop, leave her alone, she has nothing to do with this!

Beaver Cage: -Cackles- Hah, and give you a clear shot of me? Do you think I'm an idiot?

Sohee's Body Pillow: 助けて! リス、してください!(Help me! Squirrel, Please!)

Beaver Cage: Shut up! It's over, at this point the nukes are flying towards the United States, heading towards the WFW Heaquarters.

Squirrel Cage: I know I can still stop the destruction, I just need the codes that are on your DNA!

Beaver Cage: Clever Squirrel, but you'll never take my DNA in time for the final showdown, give it up, it's over.

Squirrel Cage: General Beaver, it's a conspiracy, you're are being misled by the U.S.S.R. and the Banana Republic, we are not your realy enemy, it's them!

Beaver Cage: You're wrong Solid Squirrel, you don't even know a fraction of the truth, a world without war is what we want and this is the only way we can get it.

Squirrel Cage: But why? Why going through all this trouble? Going through the election, win and betray your country?

Beaver Cage: My country? I don't belong in no country, the United States is just the begining of this plan, we still are going to build a weapon to surpass Feral Gear!

Squirrel Cage: A weapon to surpass Feral Gear?

Sohee's Body Pillow: 野生のギアを超える武器?

Beaver Cage: -Cackles- Hah, I told you, you don't know a fraction of this whole plan? It's all inside a microchip lodged in my head. MWAHAHAHAHAHA -Laughs in evil-

Sohee's Body Pillow acts very fast and swifty, grabbing a knife that she had hidden and lodging it on Beaver's stomach.

As he let's her go the body pillow twists, jumps and strikes Beavers in the head with one of her extremities.

Squirrel Cage takes advantage of having a clear shot and fires a couple of shots toward Beaver.

The bullets hit Beaver square in the head. The impact makes his head explode in a blaze of gory foam.

Beaver's headless lifeless body falls to the ground as Sohee's Body Pillow runs toward Squirrel Cage, they embrace as the camera focus on them.

Squirrel Cage: We don't have time to waste, we need to the his...

Squirrel Cage stops mid sentence shocked at what he is seeing.

The camera turns to show Headless Beaver on his feet as he is screaming in agony while his body reforms.

Squirrel Cage: How is this possible?

A few moments pass and Beaver Cage is fully reformed.

The camera closes on his face as he smirks and says.


The scene fades to black

Narrator that is clearly Beaver Cage trying to sound raspy: That's is just a tiny fraction of what awaits you in the newly release Feral Gear Solid: Snake Beaver. Unfortunately  we blew all the budget on the CGI for the gore part and the reform part, so that's all we will show you today.

After the comercial is over, the scene comes back with the Cage Brothers leaving Risky Biznu's Office.

Squirrel Cage: He made a great point, I think he will shift us in the right direction.

Beaver Cage: Yeah, I'm excited for that. But do you think we get the right idea about him wanting to get a match?

Squirrel Cage: Sure, we know exactly who we will make his match.

Beaver Cage: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Squirrel and Beaver Cage: A date with Sohee's Body Pillow!

Beaver Cage: Of course, it's a match, just like that, you swipe right and that makes you feel tight!

Squirrel Cage: Ugh dude, we need to work out that catchprase, it sounds terrible.

Both Brothers leave as they are audible laughing and getting giddy with the idea of matching Rizky Biznu with their friend.

The scene fades to black

(Off topic) The idea here is that Rizky Biznu is teaching us how to be more corporate, so for the next match we will come out wearing suits, Beaver will come out with a suit that is ripped off on the arms as he is too big for it. Squirrel will come out with a disgruntled suit.
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