Week 1 Employment Opportunity [some time after Ty GunningZ match]

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Week 1 Employment Opportunity [some time after Ty GunningZ match]

Post by Risky Biznu on Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:46 am

The camera opens on a locker room backstage, devoid of life save for one Ty GunningZ, seated upon a steel folding chair, towel draped over his downturned head.

He repeatedly mutters to himself, the specifics unheard.

A knock on the open door. Ty gives but a small side glance in its direction.

???: What a cute little pity party.


Another man steps into the camera’s view, only visible from the waist down, showing cleanly pressed slacks.

He leans over, back to the camera, and rips the towel from Ty’s person.

Ty GunningZ snaps his head upwards, a snarl adorning his features. He sets his hands upon the chair to stand, but the man in front of him simply raises a hand.

???: Calm yourself, so called ‘mercenary.’ I am not here for mere instigation.

Ty GunningZ: Well, you’re doing a piss poor job of it so far.

The camera rotates to the side, finally revealing the mystery man to be Risky Biznu.

Risky Biznu: Such a belligerent individual. Indeed. Perhaps I should get to the point.

A pause.

Risky Biznu: You, Mr. GunningZ, have been naught but a failure to this point.

Ty stands to his feet, shoving an extended finger in Risky Biznu’s face.

Ty GunningZ: You lookin’ to get clobbered, Rich Boy?

Risky Biznu calmly takes Ty’s hand in his own and lowers it. He takes a slight step back, dusting off his slacks.

Risky Biznu: It would be wise for you to remain civil. You are not exactly in a position to be making demands.

He looks down at his watch, checking the time.

Risky Biznu: My time is short, unfortunately, so allow me to get to the point, self-proclaimed ‘mercenary for hire.’ You are just that. And I am in need of someone of your…

He takes a moment to look over the form of Ty GunningZ, who stands awkwardly, his pinkie wriggling in his ear.

Risky Biznu: Talents… Someone of such low notice that no one would ever expect anything from. Someone willing to dirty themselves with… less than savory methods. I currently have need of someone just like you. Perhaps that will get Casey Grant’s attention.

Ty GunningZ: Now I don’t know nothin’ about you and Casey. What I do know is that you’re offerin’ me a job. That right?

Risky Biznu: That is correct. I’m almost surprised.

Ty continues as if he hadn’t just been insulted, casually flicking a bit of earwax onto the floor.

Ty GunningZ: And I know that work’s been hard to come by lately.

Risky Biznu: Can’t imagine why.

Yet another quip goes ignored.

Ty GunningZ: And I know that if you screw me over, I’ll be gunning for ya. I can tell ya that for damn sure.

Risky Biznu: I wouldn’t recommend that.

Not a single reaction.

Ty GunningZ: I’m sure if you crossed me I could take you out.

Risky Biznu does not offer a witty retort this time, simply rolling his eyes and facepalming.

Ty GunningZ: So I think you and me got a deal, Fancy Pants.

Ty extends an arm, offering it to Risky Biznu.

Risky Biznu gazes at the offered appendage for a scant few seconds, deadpan expression on his face.

Risky Biznu: … Fantastic. I’m sure it will be a… pleasure… doing business with you, Ty GunningZ.

He reaches out and takes Ty’s hand in his own, giving it a firm shake.

Ty GunningZ: Yeah, sure, Moneybags. We done here?

Risky Biznu: How infuriating a creature you are. Indeed we are. I’ll be sure to contact you when I need you. For now, you may continue as you were.

Risky Biznu turns on a heel and makes his way from the locker room, the camera following his back as he exits.

As Risky Biznu disappears from sight, the camera turns back to Ty GunningZ, a distracted look on his face.

Ty GunningZ: Wonder if he’ll give me a fancy suit like that.

The camera fades to black.
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