Week 2 The Run (Backstage Promo)

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Week 2 The Run (Backstage Promo)

Post by Squirrel Cage on Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:09 pm

The scene fades from black zooming out from a pixel.
As the zoom opens Europe - The Final Countdown plays in sync with the zoom.
Gradually the pixels create shapes forming the Cage Brother’s logo.

The song continues for a few seconds while the camera zooms out and shows a TV screen with the Cage Brothers logo.
As the camera keeps zooming out, the two brothers appear in front of the TV, they stand with arms crossed body pillow guarded by Sohee’s Pillow.

Beaver Cage: You see, AdoKyra, that is picture perfect. Here’s another poster.
Squirrel Cage: With an epic song. Do a GIF, with audio.

Both brothers try to be more professional, focused look, product company. They are dressed in cheap suits, Beaver Cage ripped the sleeves because the suit was small and Squirrel Cage wears a stink suit with larger shoulders.

Squirrel Cage: Well Adora, you think yo can rhyme?
Beaver Cage: Yes, she knows, but this isn’t the point.
Squirrel Cage: We’re talking about what is around your neck--

Beaver coughs and interrupt Squirrel correct him.

Beaver Cage: Waist. But let's not waste your time.
Squirrel Cage: Quite different from Richard Pumpinowski with all those rodeos and dramatic breaks.
Beaver Cage: Dude, you need a friend… and a hug.

Beaver Cage looks at Sohee's pillow doll.

Squirrel Cage: Back to the titles. We challenge first and just now you two run to us. It took forever to answer the call of wildness.
Beaver Cage: Better be ready, The Nut Lover and Brother Beaver are running wild for you two.

Squirrel Cage takes out of no where a flute do a ridiculous pose and begins to play.
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