Week 3 Message For Edomite

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Week 3 Message For Edomite

Post by Sohee Romano on Fri Sep 07, 2018 11:20 pm

The scene fades in from black backstage with Sohee Romano staring closely at the camera looking annoyed in an intimidating close up. Her long poker straight silky black hair is down covering the majority of her face and Taeyang Noh can be seen in the background behind her from over her right shoulder. He is wearing a black and white zebra print suit with a matching fedora like hat. From the background he looks to be pointing at a backstage worker and yelling at him but his words cannot quite be made out. Though much to everyone's surprise Sohee Romano speaks out in broken English.

Sohee Romano: EDOMITE!!! Grave mistake you make coming for Sohee Romano! Lesson you will be taught by my hands!

From the background Taeyang Noh looks like he is cracking up and can't help but laugh at the odd english being spat out by the WFW Invictus Champion. He kindly pushes her to his left as he makes his way into the scene so that the camera is focused on both Sohee Romano and Taeyang Noh.

Taeyang Noh: Let me handle this... Edomite! For someone who claims to be "The Best" you sure have a lot of nerve coming after my client Sohee Romano. Now I must commend you for heeding my words and taking the initiative to make a statement before the show was out. So bravo for that, as you certainly not only got the attention of the WFW Invictus Champion... But also her Ire... Now you might be wondering what this means for you?

Taeyang Noh pauses for a moment while Sohee Romano and himself look to one another and then back to the camera.

Taeyang Noh: This means that you earned yourself a one way ticket to ass kicking lane my friend. Sohee Romano is a master of the Aikido form of fighting, both it's defensive points and it's offensive points... Which includes the deadly Nikyo Wristlock. A hold that you will find yourself within the next time you two meet inside of that ring. Now I'm not one of the Grant brothers, but personally I feel you should be tested before you get a real shot at Sohee Romano. Making a statement is fine if you want to make an enemy with a very dangerous individual, but you need to convince the powers that be for more.

Sohee Romano grabs hold of the WFW Invictus Championship that was around her waist and unhooks it in one quick fluid motion before holding it up before the camera as she leans in making a close up of it with one half of her face.

Sohee Romano: 내가 기다리고있을 것입니다

Sohee Romano backs up as Taeyang Noh sticks his face closer to the camera to translate what was said.

Taeyang Noh: I will be waiting...

The scene fades to black with Taeyang Noh and Sohee Romano walking away and leaving the scene.
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