Week 3 Running Out of Chances (Before Tag Match)

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Week 3 Running Out of Chances (Before Tag Match)

Post by Risky Biznu on Sat Sep 15, 2018 3:31 am

The camera slowly fades into focus, the image of one of the several backstage locker rooms filling the screen.

Randomly dispersed through the room are several steel folding chairs, with several more lined up neatly against a far wall.

Sitting alone in the center of the room is a large leather chair, regally signaling its presence to the world.

Sat upon this leather throne is none other than Risky Biznu, dressed to impress.

(Risky Biznu Card)

???: Uh, sir, can I get up now?

The camera pans down, revealing Ty GunningZ on all floors, Risky Biznu’s legs resting upon his back.

(Ty GunningZ Card)

Risky Biznu: Of course not.This is your punishment for failing at following my directions. You still have five more minutes of punishment.

Ty GunningZ: Come on, now! I didn’t even mess up that bad this time.

Risky Biznu: You filled a washing machine with leeches.

Ty GunningZ: Uh, yeah, well, uh, I thought you said to leech the clothes.

Risky Biznu: You’re an idiot, GunningZ.

A chime comes from a phone resting atop the arm of the chair. Risky Biznu lifts it from its perch, affixing his gaze to the illuminated screen.

Risky Biznu: You’re in luck, GunningZ. It seems your next opportunity to not be a waste of money is upon us.

Ty GunningZ: Whaddya talkin’ about, Boss?

Risky Biznu: I have had a match made for tonight. As a litmus test of sorts. It will be your last chance to prove to me that you are worth the salary I pay you.

Ty GunningZ: But you haven’t paid me, Boss.

Risky Biznu: Because you have yet to fulfill a single one of my requests. Should you manage to come out victorious tonight, all shall be made right, and you shall receive payment for the past three weeks of your services to me. You know what will happen should you lose.

Ty GunningZ: Aye, Boss.

Risky Biznu: Luckily for you, management refused to let me do as I please. Insolent curs. Know they not who they are dealing with? Regardless, they have decided to book a tag team match for you and I on this very night. Against who I don’t know. But it matters not, I will not lose to these fools. I shall not lose, so it will be your performance, rather than the result, that determines your fate. Capiche?

Ty GunningZ: Yeah, got it Boss. You can count on me!

Risky Biznu takes his legs off from atop Ty’s back, standing up and allowing Ty to do the same. Risky heads towards the door, Ty following suit.

Risky Biznu: I sincerely doubt that.

The camera fades to black as Risky Biznu and Ty GunningZ reach the doorway and exit the room.
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