Week 5 Loose Ends?

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Week 5 Loose Ends?

Post by Risky Biznu on Sat Sep 29, 2018 2:59 am

The camera fades in on Risky Biznu seated upon a leather chair, a single spotlight illuminating his vicinity.

His hands are together, fingers entwined, and his head is down, facing the ground.

His face rises to meet the camera.

(Risky Biznu Card)

Risky Biznu: Ladies and gentlemen, fans of War Force, I have, with great contemplation, come to you today to inform you of a change in personnel. I have severed all ties with Mr. Ty GunningZ.

The camera briefly cuts to the audience, the vast majority of whom are nodding in agreement, although a select few can be seen gasping.

Risky Biznu: As many of you are aware, neither myself nor Mr. GunningZ were present for last week’s show. For rather simple reasons, really. I simply could not be bothered. I had much more important things to do with my precious time than be somewhere I’m not appreciated. And Mr. GunningZ was in jail for attempting to assault me.

Once more the camera flashes to the audience. Much more of the audience is gasping than before, although a large number still show little reaction beyond agreement.

Risky Biznu: When I informed Mr. GunningZ that his employment had been terminated, he didn’t exactly take it well. He lashed out. Violently. Now, of course, this was nothing I could not handle, being vastly superior to him in every facet of life. But, regardless, I could not let such a transgression go unpunished. So he spent the week in confinement.

Risky Biznu sits up even straighter, inhaling deeply. He lets the breath out slowly and shakes his head.

Risky Biznu: However, I sincerely doubt that this will be the last I have to deal with Mr. GunningZ. There is not a doubt in my mind that he is currently backstage, whining and moaning about how Risky Biznu was mean to him. I have no doubt that he is doing the best his little brain can to get those in charge to pit him against me. Such a small brained creature, he is. Why would one such as myself waste time on one such as he? He has proven time and again to be less valuable than a clump of dirt. Not to mention that, should he be successful in baiting me into combat, he shall fall to the floor, utterly defeated. A creature such as he stands no chance against a being such as I.

Risky Biznu lowers his head to face the ground once more, chuckling.

Risky Biznu: What a foolish endeavor from a foolish cretin. Truly his simplemindedness knows no bounds. Unfortunately, I do not believe this shall be the last we shall hear of the cockroach known as Ty GunningZ. But, should he attempt to rise against me as I have foretold, this shall be the last we see of Risky Biznu the Benevolent. Adieu.

The camera fades to black.
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