Week 5 Rhyme Battle - (GM Office) - Before the AW Invasion

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Week 5 Rhyme Battle - (GM Office) - Before the AW Invasion

Post by Squirrel Cage on Sat Sep 29, 2018 8:17 am

Backstage, the Cage Brothers go in Rowan’s office.
They seem excited and start to talk over themselves not noticing that the tag team champions are in the room.

Beaver Cage: I hope he does have something good for us.

Squirrel Cage: Maybe he will raise our salaries.

As soon as they notice they’re not alone, they lower their voices as they feel embarrassed.
Adora Punk is sitting in front of Rowan’s table with her feet on it. Kyra is right behind her with her arms crossed.

Beaver Cage: Hey Boss! We didn’t know you were occupied, we’ll come back later.

Rowan Grant: No, I called you all here, come in, sit down.

Squirrel Cage sees the tag team belts and some papers that look important on top of Rowan’s mahogany desk.

Squirrel Cage: Hey Champs, you got here first and are well accommodated, like you’re home.

Adora Punk takes her feet off the table and get up from her chair grabs her title belt and goes toward Squirrel Cage

Adora Punk: Your little circus will perish, doesn’t matter if your fans will cherish. Your road ends, our reign extends.

Adora Punk shoves her title belt on Squirrel Cage’s mask.

Squirrel Cage: The war just began, soon we will… what rhymes with began? Vegan?

Kyra steps up and stands between Adora Punk and Squirrel Cage

Kyra: Watch out for your mouth or you will end like your big brother.

Beaver Cage: Ahem, I guess you mean Brother Beaver. We just began, we’re 1 x 1.

Rowan Grant clears his throat to draw the attention of both teams.

Rowan Grant: Guys, calm down. That’s the competitive spirit that I want to see, but leave it on the ring, not on my office, please. As I was saying, I called all of you here tonight because we will have a special night next week, a night that will be remembered by generations, a night where only the champions will shine, a night where all the titles will be up for grabs.

Beaver Cage: Wow, every title?

Squirrel Cage: Are you saying that our WACT Tag Team Champions will be on the line too?

Kyra, Adora and Rowan facepalms

Kyra: No, you stupid idiot.

Rowan Grant: No guys, not this time. Every WFW title will be on the line. What I mean is, The Cage Brothers will face AdoKyra for the Barbarian Tag Team Championship.

Adora Punk: That was pretty clear, we will cut these buffoons from ear to ear.

Rowan reaches for a clipboard with a few papers on it and he gives it to Adora.

Rowan Grant: Ladies first.

Adora Punk sits down, grabs a pen and hold the clipboard on her legs as she signs the contract.
After finishing it she gives it to Kyra who quickly signs.
Kyra moves toward Beaver Cage and offers him the clipboard, but as soon as Beaver reaches for the clipboard Kyra drops it.
Beaver bend down to grab the contract.

Beaver Cage: Thanks Kyra, even though you are very clumsy.

Beaver Cage signs and gives the clipboard to Squirrel who signs and gives the clipboard back to Rowan.

Adora Punk: You’ll see my feet when I kick your teeth.

Squirrel Cage: You got guts, but wait until you see deez nuts.

Adora Punk shoves Squirrel Cage hard as he tumbles and lands on his butt. Beaver gets in between them and Kyra meet with him. Both are crossing eyes, the tension rises in the room until…

Rowan’s phone that is on top of his desk starts to ring, The phone clearly shows that it’s his uncle calling.
Rowan grabs his phone and gestures to everyone to make silence.

Rowan Grant: What? What did you say? Is this really happening?

Rowan sounds nervous on the phone and tries to swiftly leave his room.

Rowan Grant: I’m on my way.

Rowan ends his call, stop and turn to both teams.

Rowan Grant: We don’t have time for this, follow me, now!

Both teams makes starts to follow Rowan as he said. Leaving the office as the scene fades to black.
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