Week 6 Pushing WarForce To Brink

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Week 6 Pushing WarForce To Brink

Post by Jax Paradise on Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:15 am

The scene opens with the cameras scanning the crowd. You see fans in various stages of activity. You can see different fans holding posters supporting one wrestler or another. Suddenly a commotion can be seen at the at the entrance ramp as Jax Paradise and Doom can be seen stomping the mess out of the security team. Once done they make their way to the ring. Doom surround the ring to guard their leader and Jax grabs a chair and a microphone and walks up into the ring. He sets up the chair and sits down.

Jax Paradise: "Well well well! Ol Casey thought he could get one over on The Master Of The Apocalypse. Foolish move. Very third rate rookie move? Why do you think I was hardly fighting? I knew you had a move planned. So I got some tickets for few pals of mine since you made sure Doom were blocked from entering. Didn't go so well did it? Well tonight is my turn for some fun. You see I got all your wrestlers locked up in their dressing rooms. I have security borrowed from the better Federation guarding those doors. I got Doom ringside to prevent anything coming in from the crowd. So you got nobody to help you. It's time to quit dodging me and get your [censored] pansy self down into the ring to fight me. Cause you got no show till you do! Why do I want to fight you so badly? Do you remember John Paradise? No? Maybe the crowd remembers indie legend Samcro? [Crowd roars with cheers at the name] That's right he was my older brother. He was a legend who spent his last fighting days here. He died from injuries he got from a rookie wrestler botching a move in the ring. A kid who did not even finish training but since his father owned the federation he got to have a match. And it cost my brother his life. So you see Casey payback is long overdue. Tonight is about Justice and I plan to get some!

[Oddly the crowd starts cheering at that last part. They also start cheering the chant: Give Jax His Match!

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