Week 6 The last breath

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Week 6 The last breath

Post by Beaver Cage on Sat Oct 06, 2018 1:21 am

The scene opens and we can see two white silhouettes running away from a locker room.

As the camera enters the locker room we can see The Cage Brothers laid down and beat up.

The locker room is completely smashed. Both Brothers costumes are very roughed up and with a few gashes where it is pouring foam from inside.

Beaver Cage is crawling on the ground, moving towards who seems to be a Body Pillow.

Beaver Cage: No, I can’t believe they did this to you, it can’t be true.

At this moment, Squirrel Cage, who was unconscious on the ground wakes up and instinctively grabs his WACT Tag Team Championship.

Beaver Cage kneels, lifting Sohee’s body pillow gently giving it a hug.

Beaver Cage: You didn’t deserve an end like this.

The body pillow is also filled with gashes and foam leaking out of those gashes, with it’s last bits of energy the Sohee’s Body Pillow let it out a whisper.

Sohee’s Body Pillow: すべてに感謝します。(Thanks for everything)

Sohee’s Body Pillow lets out a final gasp before becoming completely still.

Squirrel Cage slowly approaches from behind and hugs Beaver and Sohee’s Body Pillow tenderly.

The scene fades to black as the Cage Brothers are mourning they deceased friend.
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