Week 6 Tsk Tsk (Entrance)

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Week 6 Tsk Tsk (Entrance)

Post by Risky Biznu on Sat Oct 06, 2018 2:23 am

A series of colored spotlights create a terrific lightshow throughout the arena. The titantron flares to life with clips of Risky Biznu, accompanied by The Man by The Killers over the loudspeakers.

(Risky Biznu Card)

Risky Biznu makes his way from the back, dressed in formal attire and carrying a microphone.

Peter McCoy: This is odd. Shouldn’t he be in wrestling clothes?

Alfie Shaw: He certainly should. You’re right. This is odd.

Risky Biznu leisurely saunters down the ramp, stopping at the edge of it.

He grabs a chair resting on the barricade and sets it up in the center of the ramp.

Taking a seat, he raises the microphone to his mouth.

Risky Biznu: How naive, Mr GunningZ. Thinking that I’d waste my time rolling around and getting all sweaty with the likes of you. What kind of man do you think I am?

Ty GunningZ animatedly marches around the ring before walking to the ropes nearest Risky Biznu and leaning on them, glaring.

Risky Biznu: Well, I’ll tell you what kind of man you are, Ty. You’re a loser. A failure. Mere garbage in everyone else’s way. You’re useless. So please tell me why I should grace you with the chance to see me wrestle?

Ty begins shouting various statements undecipherable from distance.

Risky Biznu: Exactly. I shouldn’t. You’re not nearly enough to prove myself against. So I won’t bother. Have fun patting yourself on the back for “winning”, Mr GunningZ. But know that it is I who allowed you to walk out of this building under your own power.

Risky Biznu calmly stands, ignoring Ty’s continuing shouts, and places the folding chair back along the barricade before returning backstage.

(Maybe some commentary, or announcer giving result then ending commentary, your call)
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