Week 7 Super Dark Times

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Week 7 Super Dark Times

Post by Squirrel Cage on Fri Oct 12, 2018 11:11 pm

The camera pans around the arena as the lights dim down.
The tron starts to show footage as the crowd silences to pay attention.

The scene opens in a graveyard, the camera moves around the graves silently, a very light rain starts to fall down the sky giving the footage a melancholic feeling like a bad omen. The few lit candles around the graves have their flames cut by the rain.
After moving around a few more graves we can see two silhouettes getting bigger.
The rain picks up a little and we can see the silhouettes open something that looks like two umbrellas.
The camera now picks up the two silhouettes and we recognize the Cage Brothers wearing black duster jackets holding their umbrella above their heads in front of a grave.
Both brothers are quiet trying to disguise their tears with black sunglasses.

Beaver Cage: It’s our fault, we got her involved in all of this.
Squirrel Cage: She was our friend, she had our backs and we let her down.
Beaver Cage: Was it worth it? Worth the weight of love we have now lost. Was it worth it to trade our friendship for a belt?

Squirrel Cage clears his throat trying to get Beaver’s attention.

Squirrel Cage: Sorry, there’s no time for space flight. We need to change this.
Beaver Cage: We need to go back to our ways, to look at what we accomplished in the past and what it made us.
Squirrel Cage: Look at our W.A.C.T tag team championship.
Beaver Cage: Look at our chemistry in the ring.
Squirrel Cage: We are the underdogs that this company will call champions.
Beaver Cage: Don’t forget Brother Lars and Sister Sohee. They helped us in this new journey.
Squirrel Cage: A big guy with a big heart and Sohee…

Squirrel Cage stops, he can’t seem to grasp the words he wanted to say. Squirrel Cage looks down saddened by this thought.
Beaver Cage reaches his hand on his Brother shoulder.

Squirrel Cage: She wasn’t just a Body Pillow, she was our friend. We are friends.
Beaver Cage: This is the final countdown. We can’t allow two barbarians dressed as ghosts to take away everything we have done until now. We can’t let them take WFW.

The rain picks up and starts to pour down.

Squirrel Cage: This is for real.

Squirrel Cage downs his umbrella and points a closed fist to Beaver Cage.
Beaver Cage understands and lightly punches Squirrel’s fist in a brofist as their tears mix with the rain.
Squirrel Cage sticks the umbrella metal end of it in the grass.

Beaver Cage: Dude?
Squirrel Cage: She deserves it.

Squirrel Cage gets up and stands beside Beaver to take cover under his umbrella. Both Brothers starts to walk away as the rain starts to stop and the sun starts to penetrate some light clouds.

Squirrel Cage: Seems like a summer rain.

The scene ends as the Cage Brothers leave and the camera shows Sohee’s Body Pillow’s Grave shining with the sunlight.
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