Week 8 The Ultimate Cage Match

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Week 8 The Ultimate Cage Match

Post by Squirrel Cage on Fri Oct 19, 2018 11:08 pm

(This one should come early in the show.)

The camera is walking backstage as we see the Cage Brothers entering Rowan’s Office.
As the camera approaches we can start to hear the chatter.

Rowan Grant: I see, it’s a wonderful plan, we can get them by surprise.
Squirrel Cage: Thrust us, just this once, we will not let you down.
Casey Grant: I like your boldness, we’ll see what we can do.

The camera stands in the door of Rowan’s office catching the Cage Brothers shaking their hands with both Rowan and Casey.
Rowan Grant: Now, describe in details what you guys want, oh, by the way, close that door for us, would you Beaver?
Beaver Cage: Sure, boss.

Beaver Cage giggles as he rises up and gently “forces” the cameraman to move as he closes the door.
The camera fades to black.


The camera pans on the crown, they are holding many signs trying to cheer on the WFW wrestlers.
In the middle of the ring, Roy Bishop is standing with a microphone in hands.

Roy Bishop: Ladies and Gletleman--
In mid sentence a voice interrupts Roy trying to sound imposing while continuing the match preparations
Voice: Boys and girls children of all ages...
The crowd cheers as they recognize Beaver Cage’s voice and the copyright infringement catchphrases echoing through the arena.
The Cage Brothers theme song starts to play.

Beaver and Squirrel Cage appears on the stage. Both brothers are dressed in their costumes, Squirrel Cage dressed in a military garb and Beaver Cage dressed as a viking beaver.
Beaver Cage: War Force Wrestling proudly brings to you, the next WFW, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOOOOORLD. The Brother Beaver, Beaver Cage! The Nut Lover, Squirrel Cage!
Both Brothers pose and shout together.
Beaver & Squirrel: THE… CAGE... BROTHERS!
The Cage Brothers makes their way to the ring cheering and fist bumping the fans along the way
Squirrel Cage: Sorry, Roy, we’ll take it from here.
Beaver Cage walks to the middle of the ring and trying to sound as eloquent as possible starts to shout.
Beaver cage: End of the World!! Are you ready??
The crowd says “YES”.
Squirrel Cage: We can’t hear you, Beaver asked a question!
The crowd cheers and loudly chants “YES, YES, YES”
Squirrel Cage: We have a surprise for you guys tonight, we’ve talked to our GMs and we reached a deal.
Beaver Cage: I mean, we are at risk of losing our fed and our jobs.
The crowd boos.
Squirrel Cage: There, there. It’s not the end of the world, I mean, it is but, you get my point.
Beaver Cage: We were backstage earlier tonight and we thought, “Hey, if we are going down, why don’t we go down fighting?
Squirrel Cage: If we are going down? Why not go down in a blaze of glory?

The crowd cheers and chants “WFW, WFW, WFW”
Beaver Cage: Story time guys, Cage is our surname, we are the Cage Brothers.
Squirrel Cage: But, our surname wasn’t a birth name, obviously.

Peter McCoy: What? So they’re not real brothers?
Alfie Shaw: Well, technicaly they are cousins as they are both rodents a Beaver and a Squirrel.

Peter McCoy: Stop that, you know I don’t believe in science.
Beaver Cage: We like to brag about the WACT all the time, we know that, but it was there that we got this name.
Squirrel Cage: We made ourselves known and respected because of a single match type, one that we are undefeated.
Beaver and Squirrel: THE ULTIMATE CAGE MATCH!!!!
Beaver Cage: The rules are simple, two teams enter, one team exits.
Squirrel Cage: There are only two ways of leaving this match. You either leave as the winner!
Beaver Cage: Or you leave on a stretcher!

The crowd cheers as the production crew quickly starts to setup the cage match.
Squirrel Cage: Vandal and Ghost, you will pay for what you did to WFW, to Adora and Kyra, to the tag team championships.
Squirrel Cage: Without further ado. The following contest schedule for the Ultimate Cage Match and it’s is for the WFW Barberians Tag Team Champioship.

The crowd cheers by the announcing.
Peter McCoy: What? An ultimate Cage match? Do Rowan and Casey know about that?
Alfie Shaw: I think it’s pretty obvious, they are doing whatever they can to keep our fed together, and if it’s bloodshed that is going to keep our jobs.
Peter McCoy: So be it.
Alfie Shaw: Wow, the production crew is almost finished. Axe Wrestling is not going to be happy about that.

The crowd bursts with energy and antecipacion.
Squirrel Cage: and now, introducing a couple of backstabing.
Beaver Cage: No good stupid idiots.
Squirrel Cage: They are the allegedly tag team champions.
Beaver Cage: (Doing air quotes) Allegedly!
Squirrel Cage: Two frauds wearing masks like cowards.
Beaver Cage: Two usurpers of hard fought championships.
Squirrel Cage: Vandol and whatever. Boo.

Vandal and Ghost starts to make their way into the cage, the crowd loudly boos the team, and starts to throw trash, beers and other liquids as the team starts to leg it to the ring.
As they enter the cage, the referees closes the door and locks them in chains.
Vandal and Ghost enter the ring, slowly as they are getting ready for the match, they turn their backs to look at the stage for a moment.
The Cage Brothers jumps them from behind and the crowd explodes in cheers and starts to chant “KICK THEIR ASSES -CLAPCLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP-, KICK THEIR ASSES -CLAPCLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP, KICK THEIR ASSES -CLAPCLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP”.
The bell rings as the officials officially start the match.
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