week 1 Incompetent Staff (Closed) [Towards Beginning Of Show]

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week 1 Incompetent Staff (Closed) [Towards Beginning Of Show]

Post by Sohee Romano on Wed Jun 06, 2018 5:13 pm

The scene fades in from black in the parking garage with a camera overhead panning around to show different cars that belong to the WFW Talent and Fans who are here live to see the show. The scene continues to move down the bottom level of the parking garage as the camera pans up to a large black WFW Production Truck.

*Add Production Truck GFX If One Exists*

The fans inside of the arena can be hard with a mixture of cheers and boo's as Casey Grant walks into the scene coming up behind the Production Truck. He opens the right half of the double doors and steps into the back of the Production Truck as the camera then cuts to show him walking inside head on.

Casey Grant walks forward about ten feet down a short dark hallway with the camera then cutting behind him to show that the truck opens up to a large computer room, with one massive desk that wraps around the entire room. Five different workers are busy typing away on their keyboards and clicking their mice creating a loud yet familiar sound to anyone who uses computers often.

One of the workers, who appears to be a young man in his mid twenties with short spiky black hair wearing dark square framed glasses and a white suit stands up a bit as he turns to face Casey Grant and wave him over.

Worker: Hey boss! Can I borrow you for a minute? I want to show you something I'm working on.

Casey Grant shrugs and walks forward to see what the young man is working on. He stops behind the worker's large black office chair and places his right hand upon it grasping it for support as he leans forward to look over his shoulder. The young man types away onto his keyboard and makes a few clicks of the mouse as he brings up an official WFW Federation Card that has the name Kyra on it.

The young man turns his head back a bit to ask Casey Grant for his opinion.

Worker: So... What do you think?

Casey Grant pauses for a few moments as he looks hard at the screen wondering if something was going to be added to the relatively blank card.

Casey Grant: So... Where's--

Before Casey Grant can finish asking the obvious question, he is cut off by the young man.

Worker: Oh! About th-

Before he can finish his explanation, the worker in turn is also cut off abruptly by Casey Grant.

Casey Grant: Don't tell me, Kyra lost some weight and is standing sideways so that she is invisible?

The sarcasm is quite strong in Casey Grant's words but he remains stern letting the young man know he's not impressed. The young man now kind of nervous continues on.

Worker: But sir, Kyra has yet to ge--

Casey Grant puts his free hand on the young man's shoulder and interrupts him once more.

Casey Grant: Listen, I like you. And I like that you are taking the initiative here to take on these projects behind the scenes. But don't waste my time showing me blank cards. This is a business Frank. Not a hobby. Now I know who Kyra is and I don't want any excuses. Get her ass into that card. I don't care how big it is!

Casey Grant turns and walks away as the young man turns deep red as he tries his best to contain himself from busting a gut as the scene fades to black.
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