Week 1 Gunning Mentality (Backstage) (Anywhere but just make sure its before my match)

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Week 1 Gunning Mentality (Backstage) (Anywhere but just make sure its before my match)

Post by Ty GunningZ on Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:30 pm

The scene fades from black into the backstage as Roy Bishop stands there in his white suit with a microphone in his hands and cheering can be heard in the arena as he introduces himself to the WFW world…

(Roy Bishop card)

Roy Bishop: Goodnight everyone and welcome to the opening night of the War-force Wrestling! And here I am tonight to talk to you about our roster and…

He walks along the corridor as he continues to speak…

Roy Bishop: How it is brimming with talent in here both the old wrestlers you know and love and the new ones who are looking to forge a name for themselves, and since we are here talking about new talent…

Roy stops as he sees a wrestler walking in a black vest, short black camouflage pants, a dog tag around his neck and a black military boots. He is a dark skin male with a fade. The wrestler walks up to the interviewer as he the interviewer called for him….

(Ty Card without a name)

Roy Bishop: And hello Sir. Welcome to WFW, I am sure you are one of the new talents yet unseen by our fans! Please do the WFW crowd a favor and introduce yourself to wrestling world…

The wrestler scratches his head to the intriguing statement and question as he replies…

??: Unseen wrestler? Introduce myself? Well, I won’t be surprised at this situation considering what happened to me before! anyways I don’t have to introduce myself to anyone but I will tell you this one time and one time only, so you better remember it, I am a businessman, a mercenary, a wrestle and this next thing goes to all the wrestlers here in WFW, don’t be surprised with what I will do to get my opportunities because I am only in here to become the best at whatever cost!

The wrestler seem to walk away but he comes back and looks at the camera….

??: And remember one thing... I AM GUNNING FOR YOU!!!

As he knocks the camera out of the cameraman hands, turning the titantron into pitch black.

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