Week 1 Mistress of the 8-5-6 (Closed) [Midshow or Before Match]

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Week 1 Mistress of the 8-5-6 (Closed) [Midshow or Before Match]

Post by Adora Punk on Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:23 am

The scene fades in from black backstage where a section of the corridor has been roped off like some kind of exclusive area. Red ropes surround roughly a fifteen by fifteen foot square which has a brown and black fur carpet with three director like folding chairs. As the camera pans up to the scene it can become clear that WFW commentators Arno Macayescu and Peter McCoy are sitting together on one side of the square while the other side has a girl with long silky black hair, who is wearing a white T-shirt, is covered in tattoo's, and is wearing a black and white face bandanna like a thug. The guest stares intensely while awaiting her chance to speak. With the camera now being up onto the three of them, a hand reaches out with WFW microphones as each person grabs one before the hand pulls away off screen. Arno Macayescu breaks the silence as he brings up the microphone to speak in his right hand.

Arno Macayescu: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to one of the greatest promotions in the world! War Force Wrestling! And tonight you are all in for a treat as we interview one of this companies newest acquisitions, Adora Punk!

The live audience from within the arena can be heard applauding off screen as Adora Punk waves the microphone before her face a few times to draw out the moment of silence while thinking about what she wants to say. After Adora Punk says nothing, Peter McCoy takes over to keep the show rolling.

Peter McCoy: Adora Punk, you have quite the extensive resume and background. It said you were from Camden, New Jersey... And I can't imagine walking down the streets their at night. What was it li--

Before Peter McCoy could finish what he was about to say, Adora Punk had sprung forward out of her seat, and in one swift move grabbed the microphone out of the Peter McCoy's hand. Seemingly leaning into his face and glaring daggers into his eyes, Adora Punk brings the microphone up sideways towards her lips as she begins to freestyle.

Adora Punk: Let me stop you there Peter. You want to hear about the 8-5-6, like some kind of Tweeter? It's not a walk in the park when the streets are full of sharks. But I ain't playing this game to build upon your fame.  This is Adora Punk and you're going to learn that I got spunk. To put an end to your game and lay claim upon this frame!

Adora Punk nearly spits in Peter McCoy's face at the end as she steps back away from him dropping the microphone onto his lap as she uses her hands to gesture back to the camera with a frame. She then steps back towards Peter McCoy and smacks the microphone out of his hand knocking it down to the floor before he could speak into it.

The 8-5-6 native then moves over to Arno Macayescu as she hops up and sits down on his lap spreading out horizontally so that she can recline her back into the arm rest while her legs dangle over the opposite arm rest. She brings her head forward to speak into Arno Macayescu's microphone as Arno Macayescu begins to look slightly annoyed yet intrigued at the same time.

Adora Punk: Adora Punk now owns this segment, which is better than listening to you two dry like cement. But you want to know about my antics? I'd tell you all about it but I'm not one for semantics. Sitting here on Arno mc-geyser, don't get too excited or I'll stab you with a tranquilizer. Arno Macayescu don't you have any shame? When your wife see's this I'm not to blame!

Adora Punk leaps up off Arno Macayescu to her feet as she moves around the back of his seat.

Adora Punk: Now before I go on and on I'm going to take what I want. As I head on out of here and party in Vermont!

Adora Punk steps back from Arno Macayescu's seat as she holds up what is obviously a man's wallet and does a half bow from behind him to the camera while Arnor Macayescu blindly applauds Adora Punk's freestlying performance while Peter McCoy sighs and shakes his head. Adora Punk drops the microphone causing it to land with a thud as she flaunts the wallet and walks off the scene. Arnor Macayescu looks over to Peter McCoy with a wide smile on his face.

Arno Macayescu: Oh! What a threat!! If she wrestle's as good as sh--

Peter McCoy quickly interrupts Arnor Macayescu.

Peter McCoy: Steals your wallet?

Arno Macayescu: Huh!? Steals my wallet? That's not what I was goi--

Arno Macayescu quickly reaches behind him to check his rear pocket as he quickly and angrily gets up out of his seat. He begins to run off scene to chase down Adora Punk as he screams out loud.


The scene fades to black with Peter McCoy watching on from his seat with a stupid grin on his face.
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