Week 1 The Mystical Curse - The Cage Brothers

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Week 1 The Mystical Curse - The Cage Brothers

Post by Squirrel Cage on Fri Jun 08, 2018 11:32 pm

The lights go out in the arena. The crowd starts to stir in curiosity. Then the titantron lights up with a video package showing a ritual table with candle lights, rune symbols, spider webs, broken nuts, pieces of wood and a old mystical book. The camera zoom in and show the leather cover in it's written in comic sans "The Cage Brothers - A Short Story".

The book opens up and a narrator, with a silly voice, states to tell a tale while the pages flip.

Once upon a time, at 3:13 in the morning on a Friday, 13th, two friends were having fun in the city's arcade. They were showing off their skills in all the machines around Need for Speed: Kart Edition, Mustang and Alligators, Flower-Man, Fatal Combat, Shadow of Dwarves and many more.

In amidst all those neon lights shining bright, all the digitized sounds one machine drawn their eyes. It's design was unique, minimalistic, no lights and stickers. They were curious as to why they have never noticed that machine before, specially because there was no one playing it.

Intrigued they decided to play it, excited by this new machine they start the game and see a name on the title screen "The Caged Brothers". Both looking confused as they try to choose the player characters.

BC: A Beaver and a Squirrel?
SC: Dibs on the Squirrel!
BC: How in the world a Beaver and a Squirrel can be brothers? They are AT BEST, distant cousins as part of the roden...
SC: Whatever! Let's play!

The book on the Tron flips a few pages and now shows the game graphics, they are simplistic looking like they belong in the early 90's on the screen people can see the Beaver and Squirrel characters who are really well drawn almost like they don't belong in the fore and background.

Something unknown was about to happen, both characters found themselves in a ritual room, with some kind of macabre altar front and center of the room, weird symbols all over the room, lots of candles lights around the room. A chilling atmosphere permeates the room. Right on top of the altar a leather book, very well drawn just like the characters, almost look like it doesn't belong on this particular game.

They cautiously approach the book, the only sound that comes from the screen now are heartbeats, faster and erratic, as they walk forward the heartbeats are louder and louder. The Squirrel grabs the book, opens it and everything goes quiet, the screen goes dark and the following can be seen being written on the screen.

"The human who dares to come closer, their normal lives shall be over. Human and animal fuse, their spirits I will bruise."

The screen once again light up, both kids look confused.

The arcade machine starts to shine, both kids are drawn to the screen, a blinding light shoots into the kids faces and they are both knocked out cold, the arcade machine turns off. The camera goes in closer as they start to talk to each other.

SC: Dude, what happened? That was intense!
BC: I have no idea, I think we blacked out.

The camera get a glimpse of two figures on the floor. SC tries to hold a laugh.

SC: Dude, what's up with the costume? Is it October 31st yet?
BC: Look who's talking, you look really cute in that squirrel costume. Wait…

Both start to feel their own faces, terrified with what happened, both are wearing animal costumes, very fluffy and cute.

Beaver Cage and Squirrel Cage: WHAT IS THIS? WE HAVE BEEN CURSED!!!

The book goes into the frame again, pages turn until it closes. Move your feet from Junior Senior starts to blast through the speakers, The Cage Brothers™️ logo appears on the screen with a "Soon" following after.

(If possible, put the The Cage Brothers logo to close the segment.)
I don’t how the graphics will work. Any problem let me know.
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Re: Week 1 The Mystical Curse - The Cage Brothers

Post by Road Warrior on Sat Jun 09, 2018 12:47 am

No problem, I will put the logo at the end. Very Happy
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