Week 1 C4's Payback [Towards the end of the show - Maybe the end itself]

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Week 1 C4's Payback [Towards the end of the show - Maybe the end itself]

Post by C4Karura on Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:38 am

The scene fades from black into the backstage as a shady silhouette walks through an alley. He looks very thoughtful and insecure. Suddenly he collides with Casey Grant.

Fans: OHHHH!

Arno Macayescu: That's C4 Karura!

After both of them get their heads up and scowl for a moment, their gestures shift into a big smile and they hug each other with huge emotion. In the meantime, fans are extremely confused and give a mixed reaction.

C4 Karura: How you doin' big brother Casey? Long time no see!

He looks very happy and his thoughtful appearance is totally gone.

Casey Grant: After seeing you I'm better than ever Akira! I'm very happy that you ended up here, after all that you have gone through in your younger ages.

C4's thoughtfulness comes back for a second, he stops, prepares his words and starts once again.

C4 Karura: About that, I need to tell you something. You did so many things for me, you risked your position in the army to ensure that I'm doing okay. I want to return all your favors back to you.

Casey Grant: There is no need for th..

C4 Karura: No big bro, I will. Just know this, I'm ready for anything that you want me to do. Just let me know, and watch it be done.

Casey stops and thinks for a short moment, then he speaks, barely hearable

Casey Grant: I will see you soon.

Cameras return to the commentators

Peter McCoy: What a reunion we had here Arno! They seem to know each other for a long time.

Arno Macayescu: Forget about that Peter. This guy is known for his aggressive attitude inside and outside the ring! He likes to strike from the back and he will do any trick to achieve his goals! In addition, he causes serious injuries in 58 percent of his matches! If Casey has this guy on his side, anyone that stands up to him is in serious danger. This guy is a career killer. He can do anything to anyone without hesitation.

Peter McCoy: That's scary and exciting at the same time Arno. I wonder what we are going to see in upcoming shows.
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