Week 1 Bring a Gun to a battle, I bring a Tank

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Week 1 Bring a Gun to a battle, I bring a Tank

Post by Tankman on Tue Jun 19, 2018 4:04 pm

Tankman is backstage listening on a monitor to his opponent Ty say that he is gunning for him?
He starts to smile and laugh, thinking to himself before he speaks.

Tankman: Please bring a gun to the battle, for I bring a Tank you fool.
They do not call me Tankman for nothing and later on you will see what I mean.
I am going to run you over and crush you in front of the WFW roster and fans.
This is War Force Wrestling and I would rather bring a Tank than a toy gun to war.

He steadies himself before he resumes.

Tankman: Your merely a means to an end and soon the world will see the end.
They think as I am unknown to all, that I will roll over and lay down.
Think again fools.
For Tankman has spoken like my hero and you should listen to me, for I said so!!!
Now get out of my way, I have an insect to crush.

Tankman leaves the monitor area so the scene fades out.
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