Week 1 Ringside Mayhem

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Week 1 Ringside Mayhem

Post by Jax Paradise on Wed Jun 20, 2018 8:20 am

[The camera pan across the arena, showing the crowd enjoying the show. The camera zooms in on the entrance as "Blind" by Korn begins to boom through the arena. The Jumbotron flashes the words: Master Of The Apocalypse. A man dressed in SOA style biker gear makes his way to the ring riding a Harley. After stepping into the ring he grabs a mike.]

Jax Paradise: "The Master of The Apocalypse is here. And let me tell you right now that nothing else is happening in this ring tonight without my getting a few things off my chest. Like can those pathetic suits in the back leave me without a match tonight? Ok let me just cut to the point on that. If I do not get a match tonight I will simply make my own matches. I came here to hunt anyway. Everyone in the back listen up! It's open season. So who has the balls to come on out here?"

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