Week 1 No jet lag here! (Closed) [In-Ring Debut. Put in place of Entrance for Match]

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Week 1 No jet lag here! (Closed) [In-Ring Debut. Put in place of Entrance for Match]

Post by Sohee Romano on Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:46 pm

The scene fades in from black showing the arena live with all the WFW fans going wild waving their favorite wrestler's merchandise and their own home-made signs! The camera pans around to show all side of the arena before stopping and focusing on the commentary table as the camera slowly zooms in on Arno Macayescu and Peter Mccoy who look ready to speak.


Arno Macayescu: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back for more action packed War Force Wrestling action! And up next you will all be in for a treat as we continue to roll on with the talent debuts!

Peter Mccoy: Something to take of note of ol` Arno, is that this next debut is HOT out of Korea! This is someone who is going to definitely make some waves here in WFW Arno I can feel it. But don't let me run my mouth on and on about it. Let's see what the hype is all about!

The lights in the arena flash and pulse with a bright red, sea green, and deep purple that shine down from the ceiling as the song "Real Existence" from Band-Maid blares over the PA system. A few fans who are familiar with the song from a previous federation go wild with cheers!


The crowd goes wild as Sohee Romano steps out from the back along with her manager and translator Taeyang Noh with them both making their way to the center of the stage holding microphone in their right hands. They both stop and look out at the arena as the fans continue to cheer and scream. Sohee Romano waves out to the right section and smiles baring her pearly white teeth before moving down the entrance ramp and towards the ring with Taeyang Noh sticking close behind. When she gets then she slides into the ring under the bottom rope and rolls forward up onto her feet! She rushes at the ropes towards the commentators table and leaps up onto the middle rope and leans forward over the top rope as she winks at Arno and Peter. She then does a backflip landing on her feet in the middle of the ring with the lights ending their flashing display and her themesong fading out. Sohee Romano brings the microphone up to her lips and pauses for a moment to give the fans time to quiet down.


Sohee Romano: 신사 숙녀 여러분, 이곳 WFW에 오게되어 영광입니다.

Taeyang Noh: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is an honor to be here at WFW!

Sohee Romano turns to face Taeyang as she gives him a nod of approval before continuing on.

Sohee Romano: 걱정마. 그 어리석은 지노 로마노는 우리와 함께하지 않습니다.

Taeyang Noh: Do not worry. That stupid Gino Romano is not with us.

Sohee Romano: 이번에는 게임이 없을 것입니다.

Taeyang Noh: This time there will be no games.

Sohee Romano: 진정한 합기도 마스터가 어떤 모습인지 목격자.

Taeyang Noh: Witness what a true Aikido Master looks like.

Sohee Romano then breaks the flow between her native tongue and her translator as she speaks in broken English.

Sohee Romano: The Nikyo wrist lock kn--

The fans boo heavily as Sohee Romano is cut off and interrupted by her opponent's entrance.
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