Week 1 Metzengerstein promo

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Week 1 Metzengerstein promo

Post by Metzengerstein on Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:39 pm

A silhouette of a man is seen walking across a poorly lit room. The moonlight casts a ghoulish glow. The silhouette reaches into a box in a corner and pulls out what looks like a rectangular piece of cloth. A low soothing voice is heard  
"All right hushhh  quiet and listen to me"
"We have been here before. There is nothing new about this"
The voice gets  louder
"As long as you have a leg, you KICK. As long as you have a fist you PUNCH. As long as you have a head you RAM. "
"Nothing's changed. All you have to do is glide down that highway and not let the lights distract you. YEAH go down that highway!"
The silhouette walks calmly over to a table, pulls the cloth up to its face.  The same voice speaks in a calmer tone
"They say everything is connected. The butterfly effect. A stone falls into a pond and the ripples radiate outwards touching everything until a fish leaves its school grows arms and legs and crawls out and starts talking. A wrestler walks over and knocks it out cold and that fish.... is you"
The silhouette places the cloth on the table and as it glides across the room it stops turns and nods. And just as the moonlight hits the face
(Metzengerstein card) 
The camera moves closer to the table and sees

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