week 2 War-Force Dining (Closed) [Backstage - Early Show]

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week 2 War-Force Dining (Closed) [Backstage - Early Show]

Post by Sohee Romano on Tue Jun 26, 2018 1:53 am

The scene fades in from black backstage showing some of the stage hand workers moving about and talking on their blue tooth's to get preparations ringside ready for the show to begin. The camera pans around to show the dark walls full of old pictures and trophies until it shows what looks to be an annoyed Sohee Romano pacing about with both of her hands balled into fists. As she paces about she is muttering in the background in Korean but is not audible enough for the camera to fully pick it up. Her silky long black hair flowing behind her as she moves. Suddenly Taeyang Noh steps into the scene and begins talking as if translating her rant.

Taeyang Noh: Last week I came to this restaurant called War-Force Dining. Now I was told this place was the cream of the crop and that the food here was beyond superb. I was also told that the staff was very accommodating and considerate. But last week this place was none of those things.

Taeyang Noh looks up to the camera and gestures with his hands as he speaks to help sell the story.

Taeyang Noh: First things first. When I was brought out to my table I thought my ear drums were going to rupture. The other patrons inside were immensely loud! And the music was obnoxiously blaring! How can anyone be expected to relax and dine with such a loud environment? To make matters worse I was brought out to the dining area and then had to wait for my table to be seated. When my table came out I wasn't even allowed to sit down and order! I had to literally fight my table to make it stay in place as it kept trying to roll away! What kind of establishment has trick tables!? To make matters worse my waiter never asked me what I'd like to order. Instead he moved around and just yelled things while I fought to get my table to stay in place! Once I did, before a seat was brought out to me the waiter called for the alarm and I had to leave the loud and obnoxious establishment! This is the worst treatment I have had since leaving my homeland and I demand the respect that any customer should have when making reservations! I would not eat here again!

Arno Macayescu: Peter... I got to ask, do you think Sohee Romano is really saying all this? Or do you think Taeyang Noh is sugar coating what she is saying?

Peter McCoy: Arno, are you for real!? HAHAHA!!! What wrestler discusses their match last week like it were a restaurant experience? This might even be funnier than watching watchitturbo fighting himself!

Arno Macayescu: I'm glad you're amused Peter. I hope WFW doesn't get sued for a hate crime with Big Phantom being called a table!

Peter McCoy: Lighten up Arno! This is the kind of entertainment you can't just make up!

As Taeyang Noh finishes translating a very confused Sohee Romano steps forward as she now realizes that Taeyang Noh was translating her rant before a camera. The expression on her face is of pure embarrassment as she turns bright red and yells at Taeyang Noh!

Sohee Romano: 바보! 바보! 바보!

Sohee Romano balls her right hand into a fist and punches Taeyang Noh in the back of the head which enough force to make him step forward and reach back to hold his head as he screams out in pain.

Taeyang Noh: OWW!!! What was that... OWW!! HEY!!!

Sohee Romano interrupts him with another shot to the back of his head! He then walks forward to try and get away from her as she follows him with both them marching towards the camera which is now backing up to keep up with the action!

Sohee Romano: 너는 바보 야!

Taeyang Noh: KNOCK IT OFF!!! And quit calling me Stupid!

As Sohee Romano goes to strike him again, Taeyang Noh spins back, catches the fist, and twists the arm of Sohee Romano to force her to scream out as she goes down onto her right knee to alleviate the pain.

Taeyang Noh: I thought this was a planned segment! The camera showed up just in time for me to begin translating! Now relax! I get it! You're not happy about last week. I'm not happy about last week! The disrespect shown to us by booking you against Big Phantom will not happen again! Or I'm going to march in into someone's office and make some threats of my own...

Taeyang Noh eases up on the wrist of Sohee Romano who immediately lunges forward and elbows him in the gut forcing him to bend in half with a loud OOF. While still bent forward he raises up his right hand giving a thumbs up to the camera as the scene fades to black.
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