week 2 Casey's First Order

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week 2 Casey's First Order

Post by C4Karura on Thu Jun 28, 2018 8:08 am

The camera pans across the backstage area as C4 walks into an hallway leading to Casey's office. He arrives at the door, stops for a moment to take a deep breath. Then he enters his room, after knocking twice.

C4: You wanted to see me, big brother Casey?

Casey Grant: That's right Akira, I want to see if you are in your usual shape. I will be putting you on a match just to ensure this.

C4: That's fine by me. I will give my all to make you proud in that damn ring anytime.

Casey Grant: In fact, you will be in action tonight. You better get ready for your match because I want you to show your full potential.

Fans get excited and give a cheerful reaction.

C4: Does that mean I'm allowed to go hardcore?

Casey Grant: Yes.. I mean no. We talked about this, the true form of C 4 will remain silent until the right time. If there is nothing more, you can leave now.

As C 4 salutes him and leaves the office, cameras pan across the commentators.

Peter: What is the true form of C 4? These two are up to something.

Arno: I have no idea Peter but one thing is for sure and that is all of this arena will love to see him in action. Let's see if he is just talk or not.
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