week 2 On the top of the mountain

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week 2 On the top of the mountain

Post by Squirrel Cage on Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:33 pm

[It would be nice to have this first part placed until the middle of the show.]

The camera pans above the ring showing the stage.
Everything goes dark and Move Your Feet starts to play.
The Tron shows [Insert The Cage Brothers logo here, pls]
A few seconds later Beaver and Squirrel appears dancing to the beat of their own song.
On the way to the ring they interact with some fans, the crowd is kinda confused but are enjoying it.

Peter McCoy: Look what we’ve got here, it’s the Cage Brothers!
Arno Macayescu: How low did we get? People wrestling in costumes!
The Cage Brothers get in the ring and ask for mics.
Peter McCoy: Arno, they’re real!
Arno Macayescu: Maybe I’m too old for this.

The Cage Brothers: Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, we are the Cage Brothers.
Both Brothers strike a ridiculous pose. The crowd is not really amused.
Squirrel Cage: We’ve came here after going through the entire world fighting in the world of professional mascots wrestling, we are, quite frankly, the best there is, the best there was and the best that will ever be.
The crowd boos.
Beaver Cage: Hey guys, wait a minute, hear us out. We came here because we want to be the best tag team ever, not only a mascot tag team, but a regular tag team. We came here because we want to fight the best and we know that WFW is where this challenge is.
The crowd chants: W-F-W
Squirrel Cage: We heard the announcement of the tag team title belts, but we don’t want to be handed them, we will fight for them, whoever it is, whenever, wherever. We asked for permission to throw an open challenge, we want to fight right here, right now.
The crowd mildly cheers.
Beaver Cage: Is that what you guys want? Huh? You want to see us fight? Do you want to have a taste of the best mascot tag team in the world? IF YOU SMEEEEEEE-
Squirrel Cage interrupts Beaver.
Squirrel Cage: Dude, you can’t say that last catchphrase, I don’t want to get sued…
The crowd laughs.
Squirrel Cage: Now, who is going to answer the challenge?
Two jobbers walk down the ramp
Squirrel Cage: Yeah, that’s the spirit. Let’s see wh…
Squirrel Cage stutters as he sees more guys coming out of the locker room.
Beaver Cage: Hey guys, you do know we are only 2 guys right? Tag Team, remember?
More and more guys come out of the locker room area and walk towards the ring.
Some tags get in the ring and start arguing, until a punch is thrown, then a brawl starts.
Beaver and Squirrel looks confused in one side of the ring as the jobbers are battering each other.

Squirrel Cage: Hey guys, calm down, there is enough of us for everyone…
While still in mid sentence the jobbers pile up on the Cage Brothers as the crowd laughs.
Security comes down but the situation is out of control, the camera fades to black going to commercial.

[And this other segment closer to the end of the show.]

The camera is backstage The Cage Brothers have foam all around them and are stitching their costumes up after the brawl.
Beaver Cage: I really didn’t expect things to go as bad as they went.
Squirrel Cage: Yeah, no kidding, now we look like idiots. Nobody is going to take us seriously.

They keep stitching themselves up

[Now, and idea that we would like to have is, the GM in charge of the week 3, or 2, show comes up and officialize a match for us. He just walks in, say that he officializes our match for the week 3 show and leaves]
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