week 3 Basic execrises

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week 3 Basic execrises

Post by Tankman on Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:32 am

Pre Recorded

A loud voice booms out from a distance

Voice: MOVE IT!!!! MOVE IT!!!! Come on Soldier MOVE IT!!!!

Tankman: Yes Sir!!!! Moving it Sir!!!!

Explosions and machine-gun fire can be heard nearby

The Camera pans out and we come to realise it is Miltary training exercises.
Tankman who recently joined WFW but who has not been seen since the first show aired sent this pre-recorded video to explain his absence.

Tankman: I am apologising to any fans I may have gained after my debut match against Ty, but I am keeping in shape doing what I love best.
Ty, we had a draw?
That is no way to end a match.
I challenge you at WFW first Pay per view whenever that may be and whatever that may be.
To a Must be a Winner match.
If you are not the coward I believe you to be, then I await your acceptance and if management has any problems with me asking for a match.
We can fight unsanctioned in the car park.

Tankman pauses and takes a drink of water from his canteen.

Tankman: Cowards have no place in wars and War Force Wrestling is no exception to the rule.
I am gunning for you, Ty.
I will return to WFW real soon and I am bringing my big guns with me.

As the camera widens the shot, two tanks rumble up behind Tankman, with guns pointing straight at the camera as the scene fades out.
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