week 3 Dutchcrippler, intervieuw

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week 3 Dutchcrippler, intervieuw

Post by Dutchcrippler on Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:44 pm

as the camera starts to get focus, Sarah Foster gets clear in the shot

Sarah Foster: Good evening ladies and gentleman! Today i'm joined by no other then Dutchcrippler himself!
Welcome Dutchcrippler how are you doing today?

the camera zooms out to get both Sarah and Dutch in the shot. Dutchcrippler holding a coffee in his hand

Dutchcrippler: thank you, i'm doing fine thanks.

Sarah Foster: what are your thoughts about last weeks match?

Dutchcrippler slowly turns his head to Sarah, taking a sip of his coffee

Dutchcrippler: Well. let me tell you this. was suprised Wachiturbo actually showed up, after seeing his show that week before, i'm sure you remember that one.

as he takes another sip of his coffee he continues the interview

Dutchcrippler: as ridiculous as it looked back then, i called him out and he answered, I'm not afraid to say, he got my ass handed to me.
he's a good wrestler, great techniques. fast as well. The thing i respect the most is helping me back up after the match, means he isn't a bad guy but just some clown who know's what he is doing.

but next time...

Dutchcrippler takes a pause and looks directly into the camera

Dutchcrippler: next time, he won't be so lucky to come out as winner, i've seen his tricks, i know his moves now.
and if it was for me... it will surely get a rematch!

Dutchcrippler forcefully gives his coffee to Sarah Foster and walks away

Sarah Foster: you heard it people! seems like there is a pinch of respect towards Wachiturbo, but it's clear that it isn't over yet!

the camera moves upwards and fades out into a deep black screen
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Re: week 3 Dutchcrippler, intervieuw

Post by Road Warrior on Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:06 pm

Nice Very Happy
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