week 3 Once More I offer

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week 3 Once More I offer

Post by Ty GunningZ on Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:55 pm

As the crowd chants in the area, the titantron then shows a scene of the General Manager office with Casey Grant sitting in the chair wearing his usual military attire as someone raps on the door and enters immediately.

{Casey Fed Card}

Casey: Who is… Oh it’s you! Don’t worry unlike my brother I remember your name.

The camera then focuses on Ty’s face of him wearing his usual attire as he comes in and as Casey stands up.

{Ty Fed Card}

Casey: So why are you here again?

Ty smiles as he begins to speak

Ty: It’s simple I just came to offer you the same thing I offered your brother. However unlike him I am sure you would be smart about it and actually accept my ser….

Casey stops him short as he speaks

Casey: Woah! I know your kind, I dealt with guys like you often in the military. Yeah you guys are called mercenaries.

Ty has a confusing look on his face

Ty: So then…

Casey: Hold up there! I know it’s expensive to get guys like you so I am gonna decline your offer because people like you are very expensive besides I already dealt with the situation. So you can get going now.

Ty shakes his head in disappointment

Ty: Well I offered you both but in the end you will both regret it cause in the end I am a Mercenary and I always get what I want.

Ty walks out of the as the camera remains on Casey and then the titantron fades to black

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