week 3 Addressing Issues (Closed) [Just before Brute comes out to the match. In place of Entrance.]

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week 3 Addressing Issues (Closed) [Just before Brute comes out to the match. In place of Entrance.]

Post by Sohee Romano on Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:27 pm

The scene fades in from black at ringside as the WFW fans are going wild as Sohee Romano just made her entrance for her match. As her themesong "Real Existence" by Band-Maid fades out, Roy Bishop holds up his microphone in his right hand to introduce her.

Roy Bishop: Currently standing in the ring, from Seongbuk-gu Korea. Standing at 5`4" and weighin in at 95lbs. Accompanied by Taeyang Noh! Sohee Romano!

The WFW fans cheer for Sohee Romano, who moves over to the ropes and sticks her upperbody out of the ring between the middle and top ropes as she yells out for a microphone. She takes the microphone from a ringside tech worker and moves back to the center of the ring to stand beside Taeyang Noh. She brings the microphone up to her lips holding it firmly in her left hand and begins to speak.


Sohee Romano: 내 인내심은 케이시 그랜트와 함께 얇게 입고 있습니다.

Taeyang Noh leans forward to speak into Sohee Romano's microphone to translate.

Taeyang Noh: My patience is wearing thin with Casey Grant.

Sohee Romano: Casey Grant는 나를 진지하게 받아 들여야합니다.

Taeyang Noh: Casey Grant should take me seriously.

Sohee Romano: 나는 진짜 경쟁을 요구한다!

Taeyang Noh: I demand real competition!

Sohee Romano: 이 게임을 계속한다면 ...

Taeyang Noh: If you continue this game...

Insert the beginning of Brute's entrance here

Sohee Romano: 뭐!?

With Sohee Romano's opponent jumping the gun and making his way out to the ring, Taeyang Noh quickly makes his exit as he moves towards the commentary table's side of the ring and slides out of the ring under the bottom rope. The WFW fans seem to translate Sohee Romano on their own as they shout out their own chant as Brute makes his entrance.

Fans: WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!?

Sohee Romano angrily storms over towards the entrance ramp's side of the ring and throws her microphone at Brute!

Insert the rest of Brute's entrance.
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