week 3 Playing Pretend

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week 3 Playing Pretend

Post by Risky Biznu on Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:03 pm

The camera flips to a backstage hallway. Employees moves this way and that, attempting to complete their assigned duties for the night.

A singular man stands steady among this sea of turbulence and chaos. There he stands, phone held firmly to the side of his head.

(Risky Biznu card)

Risky Biznu: I don’t care. Just make it happen. Or would you rather I not pay you?

There is a brief lull in the conversation.

Risky Biznu: That’s what I thought. You have two hours.

He takes the phone from his head and hangs up. A tug on his shirt alerts him to the presence of another person, a small child between the ages of eight and ten holding a copy of the Monopoly board game.

Child: Hey mister?

Risky Biznu looks down at the child, a sneer of disdain present on his face.

Risky Biznu: What to you want?

The child smiles exuberantly, unaware of the foulness behind Risky Biznu’s expression.

Child: Wanna play with me?

Risky Biznu: Of course not, small beast. Go away.

The child begins to pout, asking again.

Child: Please, mister?

Risky Biznu sighs.

Risky Biznu: No.

The camera shifts to the backstage dining area, Risky Biznu and the child from before seated at a table, a Monopoly board spread out in the middle.

The child gathers the dice in his tiny hands, shaking them to and fro.

He releases the dice, sent corralling across the table, bouncing erratically.

Child: That’s ten!

The child excitedly takes his token, the racecar, and moves it ten spaces, bouncing it on each space along the way. It ends on a space with a hotel on it.

Risky Biznu: Pay me the rent, tiny peasant.

The child visibly frightens, looking to his almost nonexistent money pile.

Risky Biznu: Very well. I shall forgive the debt you owe me in exchange for a property of my choosing.

The child lets out a whine, before reluctantly nodding.

Risky Biznu: Good. I claim this property.

He points to a red space, already owning the other two.

Risky Biznu: I win. Begone little one.

The child shoots to a standing position atop the chair, pointing an accusatory finger at Risky Biznu.

Child: Nu uh!

Risky Biznu: Incorrect. I am now in sole ownership of each and every property on this board. I am victorious. Goodbye.

Risky Biznu stands from his chair and walks away, as the child stares sadly at the game board in the background.

Risky Biznu: It was a pleasure doing business with you, puny child.

The child swipes the game board off the table and onto the floor, game pieces and fake money scattering across the floor.

The camera fades to black.
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