week 3 Issues in the company

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week 3 Issues in the company

Post by Ty GunningZ on Fri Jul 06, 2018 11:06 pm

The titantron is showing a close up of Ty’s face as it slowly zooms out showing his full body as he is walking backstage in his attire as the crowd gives a silent reaction and then Sarah Foster is seen walking towards him wearing her brown jacket covering her black v cut shirt with a microphone in her hands…

{Sarah's Fed card}

Sarah: Hello. Mr. Ty, you have been challenged to a match at payperview by Tankman. How do you respond to this?

{Ty's Fed Card}

Ty shows an annoyed look on his face as he responds

Ty: You people are just annoying but anyways as for him I don’t mind beating that steroid freak senseless but I don’t decide our match the GM does. You should know this. However, the whole family corrupted.

Ty starts to chuckle a bit as he continues

Ty: They just a better version of the McMahon’s. Christ wrestling companies and their family issues.

The camera closes in on Sarah as Ty walks away in disappointment. Then the titantron fades to black .

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