week 4 A Glimpse of Hope? (Closed) [Towards end of show well after match] [Rowan Grant's Office]

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week 4 A Glimpse of Hope? (Closed) [Towards end of show well after match] [Rowan Grant's Office]

Post by Sohee Romano on Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:37 pm

The scene fades in from black inside the office of Rowan Grant. A knock at the door disrupts Rowan Grant from his work as he nearly drops the screwdriver he is holding in his meager attempts to fix his smashed laptop from earlier. He looks up to the door and shouts as he sits up straight in his seat.

Rowan Grant: Come in!

The camera pans around to show that Taeyang Noh opens the door and steps inside and out of the way as he keeps his hand on the doorknob to allow Sohee Romano to walk into the office. As she moves her long silky black hair flows behind her like something out of a hollywood scene. Rowan Grant turns and apologies off screen as he turns off his large industrial fan sitting on the left side of his desk. Sohee Romano moves up to the desk and takes a seat in one of the chairs before it while Taeyang Noh shuts the door and joins her sitting down in the other seat before the desk. Rowan Grant breaks the silence and starts things off as he leans forward extending his right arm across the desk to shake hands with Sohee Romano and Taeyang Noh.

Rowan Grant: Let me start off by saying I'm glad you two decided to take my invitation and pay me a visit. I'm aware of how my brother has been treating the two of you and I don't agree with his antics. I followed Sohee Romano's career a bit when she was in Kingdom D back in New Jersey and I know she's capable of far better challenges than Casey thinks.

Taeyang Noh smiles and begins to speak on Sohee Romano's behalf without taking the time to translate for her.

Taeyang Noh: We're grateful that one of the Grant's realize the potential they have here in my client. I'd like to think that last week Sohee Romano made a statement to Casey Grant when she refused to fight Brute in her scheduled match... BUT! Sohee Romano also respects all the WFW fans enough to know that they paid money to see her compete AND to be entertained! Which is why she destroyed him after the bell went off. WE deserve better than the jokes Casey Grant has been throwing at us.

Rowan Grant nods in agreement upon hearing Taeyang Noh speak.

Rowan Grant: Trust me! I agree with everything that you are saying. As you know Casey and I are competing for control of WFW and... I know it might look like I'm using the two of you... But after last week with my brother setting up an attempt at my career and bodily health... I need all the help I can get. Casey Grant made this personal and not just personal with me, he made this personal with the two of you. I'd like to offer you the fair competition that you desire but I'll need the two of you to not only be patient wit me... But to join me in this war against my brother.

Taeyang Noh brings up his arms to speak in a friendly yet forgiving manner, but Sohee Romano leans forward and cuts him off as she speaks up in her native tongue.

Sohee Romano: 우리는 받아 들인다!

Rowan Grant looks a bit confused as he does not understand, but Taeyang Noh can't help but to laugh as he translates for his client.

Taeyang Noh: She said we accept! And let me say that it will be a pleasure working with someone who can appreciate the Aikido Style that Sohee Romano brings to the squared circle.

Taeyang Noh and Sohee Romano stand up before Rowan Grant's desk with Sohee Romano bowing before him to show respect. As she stands up straight she smiles baring a near perfect smile.

Sohee Romano: 다음 주, Casey Grant는 그가 한 일에 대해 돈을 지불합니다.

Taeyang Noh immediately translates after he does a quick bow of his own.

Taeyang Noh: Next week, Casey Grant pays for what he did.

Rowan Grant smiles as both Taeyang Noh and Sohee Romano leave his office with the scene fading to black.
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