week 4 WFW: Ragnajoke

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week 4 WFW: Ragnajoke

Post by C4Karura on Sat Jul 14, 2018 4:53 am

The cameras pan across the backstage area where C4 and Casey are criticising tonight's show.

C4: I'm really sad but we are witnessing the worst show ever. You did a far better job when you were the GM last week.

Casey: I know... This competition is actually redundant. I should be handed the GM position immediately.

C4: True that. Next week, our fans are going to see a show just like a PPV. It will be epic.

Casey: It's obvious it will be better than this crap.

C4: Oh! I figured it out big brother Casey!

Casey: What's that?

C4: Rowan's shows should be called: RAGNAJOKE!

The scene turns to black.
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