week 5 Blockbuster Ad (Can be shown anywhere)

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week 5 Blockbuster Ad (Can be shown anywhere)

Post by Beaver Cage on Fri Jul 20, 2018 9:02 pm

The camera shows a black and white Beaver and Squirrel sitting around a table, in a dim lit room with only a central lamp on top of the table, both are wearing stereotypical detective clothes with pipes and hats

Atop the table are seen a bunch of files, the camera comes close and it shows the names of the WFW wrestlers
Squirrel Cage: Jack Paradise, Butchrippler, Jane Brody, Whyseris... They are all suspicious individuos my dear Beaver.
Beaver Cage: Indeed they are detective, but we cannot stop until we find the culprit in this attempted murder.
Suddenly three child size squirrels come blasting through the door, screaming and playing around, they knock Beaver and Squirrel of their chairs and scatter their files all around the room leaving it a huge mess
The three squirrels then leave the scene just like they came, out of nowhere.
Squirrel Cage stands up and starts running after the squirrels screaming
Squirrel Cage: ALVIN!!!!
Beaver is left on the ground, slowly rising up, he reaches for a folder grabbing it, he sees a film poster.

Beaver stands up and looks directly at the camera. He seems to be stiff and his voice sounds robotic
Beaver Cage: This was brought to you by BlockBuster, we still don't know why we're still alive, but you can catch all the best new films from a decade ago on our decadent business that refused to follow the times and is slowly perishing. Remember, we are only available in Alaska and a few other cities around the globe.
Beaver comes to his senses, turning around looking for Squirrel as the camera fades to black.
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