week 5 Dutchcrippler, inside the office

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week 5 Dutchcrippler, inside the office

Post by Dutchcrippler on Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:51 am

the camera makes a close up of Rowan Grant behind his desk when he hears a loud bang on the door and looks up, before Rowan could say anything the door slams open

what the hell! yells Dutchcrippler  are you seriously using me as a jobber?!

Rowan puts away his paperwork

well calm down first Dutch, i got a good explanation for this. please take a seat.

Dutchcrippler annoyingly gets a chair and sits down
you better have a good explanation for this if you want to keep your office.

Rowan looks at Dutch with a straight serious face and starts speaking

it's all based on how you do your interviews, i've seen what you're up to and i know at one point you can handle the fights, right now?
Rowan pauses for a moment

right now i just need to see what you are capable of, i've seen your matches and you stand your ground pretty well.
giving you other opponents wouldnt be fair to them as you would destroy them, you wanted challanges? i give you challenges.

Dutch knods of agreement

so i've decided not to give you any easier opponents, you just gotta give it your best like you did the previous matches.

Dutch leans forward looking annoyed at Rowan

so you want me to give it all i've got? i shall give it all i've got...

Dutch stands up and is ready to leave the office as he stops and stares at a chair. repeating what he said before

i shall give it al i've got....

the camera follows Dutch walking out the office slamming the door behind him with a strong force
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