week 6 The Time Is Coming

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week 6 The Time Is Coming

Post by Risky Biznu on Sat Jul 28, 2018 2:56 am

The camera opens on the backstage office of Casey Grant, door ajar and lights on.

Casey sits behind a sturdy mahogany desk, stamping away at official looking documents, not sparing them more than a glance.

(Casey Grant Card)

A squeak comes from the door opening a bit more.

???: You really should read those. Or have you learned nothing from our partnership?

Casey looks up, spotting the intruder right away. He snorts.

Casey Grant: Yeah, right. Partnership my ass. All you’ve done is waste your time on that stupid board game of yours.

The camera zooms out, now showing Risky Biznu in the edge of the frame, standing several paces from the desk.

(Risky Biznu Card)

He pulls a chair out and sits upon it, legs crossed.

Risky Biznu: Is that what you think I’ve been doing? Silly man. You really should let that wife of yours do all the thinking.

Casey begins to interject, but is stopped by Risky Biznu raising a hand in his direction.

Risky Biznu: I’ve done nothing of the sort. Wasting time? Please. There is always a reason to what I do.

Casey Grant: Oh, really? Then enlighten me, oh Wise One. Please do tell how running around peddling board games is helping.

Risky Biznu: Diversification, of course. Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to come to wrestling shows.

Casey grumbles.

Risky Biznu: But what everyone does want is to make money. Everyone wants to be a millionaire. So, when I say that I have a product that can make that happen, they buy it. Let me explain it to you. If you can’t sell tickets, then you need to sell something else. Merchandise. This is that merchandise. Have you seen what these things have made since I introduced them?

Casey Grant: No.

Risky Biznu: Of course not. Which is why you should read those documents. I made more selling those ‘stupid board games’ than you did for your entire last show.

Casey slams his hand down on the desk, his teeth gritting just as fiercely.

Casey Grant: Bull. Don’t you lie to me.

Risky Biznu: Just the opposite. Completely honesty. Learn to read next time. Anyway. I will, obviously, be contributing all the profits from Biznopoly, now in stores, to your venture. As such, I expect you to start delivering on your end of our agreement. This was not a favor, Casey. This was an exchange. I keep you from going extinct and you give me the limelight.

Casey Grant: You have to earn your spot.

Risky Biznu rises to his feet with gusto, the chair skidding back considerably.

Risky Biznu: And have I not? I didn’t reveal my background until well after I was hired. Solely for my wrestling ability, I might add. I have yet to be in a televised match. You have men in animal costumes consistently on shows. And yet, here I am, languishing in the back, my number the farthest from being called. It’s time you fulfill our agreement. At the very least, I want a chance.

Casey sighs, running a hand over his head.

Casey Grant: I’ll see what I can do.

Risky Biznu: That’s all I’m asking. All I need is the opportunity, and WFW will be thrust into glory the level of which it’s only dreamt.

Risky Biznu turns on a heel and begins walking away.

Risky Biznu: Goodbye, Casey. I’m sure it’s been a pleasure.

He closes the door as he exits, as Casey Grant slumps into his seat and sighs for the umpteenth time.

The camera fades to black.
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