week 7 Tankyra and Tydora Gunnpunkingz? (Closed) [Ringside] [Early show or A bit before match]

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week 7 Tankyra and Tydora Gunnpunkingz? (Closed) [Ringside] [Early show or A bit before match]

Post by Adora Punk on Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:13 am

The scene fades in from black at ringside with the camera panning around showing the WFW fans, who are going wild waving around their favorite wrestler's merchandise and their homemade signs. The camera then swings over to the commentary table where General Mccoy and Alfie Shaw look eager and ready to speak. General Mccoy leans forward and slams his right hand on the edge of his table.

General Mccoy: TEN-HUT!! Now that I got everyone's attention I'd like to inform everyone that we will be hearing from Ty Gunningz and Tankman pronto! So for those watching at home, pipe-down and listen maggots!!!

Alfie Shaw: I mean, just because Tankman dresses in camo doesn't make him a member of the army. Tone it down all the notches General or we won't hear them over your nonsense.

"Gunnin For You" by Nick Nolan blares over the PA system as the WFW fans go wild! Within moments the fans burst out into hysterics as Adora Punk comes strutting out from the back doing her best Ty Gunningz walk with her hands up firing make believe guns. Adora Punk is wearing a black tank and dog tags on a long necklace like Ty Gunningz, yet still has her face mask bandanna on. Kyra then steps out from the back following Adora Punk wearing a camouflage T-Shirt and pants much like Tankman. Kyra has her arms out in a comical manner mocking how bulky Tankman is and how he walks. As Kyra and Adora Punk march down the entrance ramp the commentators are dying from hysterics and can barely keep it together.

Alfie Shaw: WHAT THE HELL!!? HAHAHAHA!!! Adora Punk an.. OH MY GOD!!! HAHAHAHA!!! Adora Punk and Kyra are coming out here mocking Ty Gunningz and Tankman!

General Mccoy: This is the greatest thing I've ever seen!!! Just when you think you figured out Adora Punk she goes and does something even more off the wall!

Adora Punk slides into the ring under the bottom rope and pounds the canvas with her right fist before jumping up to her feet where she comically and exaggeratedly stomps around the ring rapid firing make believe guns with her hands. While that is happening Kyra marches up the steel stairs and steps into the ring between the middle and bottom rope as she paces back and fourth doing her best tough man impersonation. Both of them stop as the music dies down and move towards the side of the ring facing the commentary table where they reach out for microphones from tech workers at ringside. Both of them then move back to the center of the ring with Adora Punk bringing the microphone up to her mouth sideways to quiet the crowd.


As Adora Punk is quieting the fans she then blares out with more pretend gun shots with her free hand. She then looks out to the fans and points at all of them as she spins in a circle.

Adora Punk: Do you know why we're out here?

The fans remain quiet unsure of how to react to this. Adora Punk then jumps up and stomps inside of the ring as she raises her voice.


The fans now chime in as they chant.

Fans: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

Adora Punk: I'll tell you why we're out here. You see Tanky and myself are the baddest -Censored-ing dudes in the building! And last week... We got jumped by a couple of GIRLS!!! See for yourselves...

Adora Punk gestures to the titantron as both herself and Kyra turn to face it as the titantron sparks to life showing the segment from last week with Adora Punk jumping Tankman with a Crowbar and assaulting him in the locker room until Ty Gunningz came to make the save where both of them fought back Adora Punk, until Kyra rushed in out of nowhere helping Adora Punk take them both down. The titantron then fades to black as it dies down with Adora Punk speaking up once more.

Adora Punk: Now you two punk ass -censored-'s in the back better listen up! Because the Tankman and myself ain't playing around! Just as I said last week...

Adora Punk purposes pauses to tease the crowd waiting to see what they are going to say.

Adora Punk: WE'RE GUNNING FOR YOU!!! ... Ahh forget it this catchphrase stinks like poo!

Kyra marches around inside of the ring purposely stomping around as she lets out a loud obnoxious roar in slow motion to make fun of a tank.


Adora Punk moves over and gives Kyra a light shove to take the 'center stage' as she begins her free-styling ways.

Adora Punk: Where ya think you at Ty? Running around waving your guns! The only thing you've impressed us with so far is nothing but yo buns! Running around only caring about money... dude ya so lame! But wit a face like that I'd too be beyond shame... So here we stand at Road to Resolution! Tonight will be no different... except for your execution! Now I could stand here and go on about what's to unfold... But what's the point when everyone know's who's winning the gold! You can't talk your way out of a paper bag, it's no wonder ya wear dem dog tags, like some dumb stag! You forget dat I'm from the 8-5-6, but it looks like all these people sure as hell made their picks! So we'll see you later tonight if you have the balls to show, but honestly... At this point it's like stepping into the ring with a pile of guano! Ooo best threat dem burns by listening to frozen let it go!

The WFW fans who were laughing to Adora Punk's free style wait for her to stop speaking after she says let it go. As Adora Punk and Kyra throw down their microphones the fans begin to sing let it go as they exit the ring with the scene fading to black.

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