week 7 The Cage Brothers get interviewed. -Before Kieron announces the tag match.-

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week 7 The Cage Brothers get interviewed. -Before Kieron announces the tag match.-

Post by Beaver Cage on Fri Aug 03, 2018 10:09 pm

The Cage Brothers are backstage, they are sitting on folding chairs in a placa that was setup for interviews.

They seem to be a little anxious about something.

Squirrel Cage: Hey man, do you think Sarah is going to interview us again? I think we overdid last week.

Beaver Cage: What? Personally calling out for one of the management's head live? Taunting the opposing General Manager to show off? Nah, I think we're good...

Squirrel folds his arms in a sign of disaproval of the sarcastic tone that Beaver implied.

Squirrel Cage: I said I'm sorry, we don't even know who is going to lead us in the future, I think I screwed us up if Casey wins.

Squirrel looks a little down.

Beave reaches out one arm and rests his paw on his brother's shoulder.

Beaver Cage: I'm just messing with you, dude. We had it worse. Look, we are together in this, since we're kids, trust me when I say this. I love you, bro.

The Cage Brothers hug each other.

Lars Olsen enters the room with a microphone in his hands.

The Cage Brothers seem a little relieved

Lars: Hey guys, glad you're here early.

Beaver Cage: Dude, It's nice to see you, we tought Sarah was going to conduct this interview and we were a little aprehensive.

Lars: Hah, don't worry, she had her hands full tonight, we know that you're not well liked around some parts of the management. But nevertheless, let's begin.

Lars takes position to starts the interview.

Lars: Hey guys, you are the new blood on this fed, do you think you have what it takes to reach the next level?

Squirrel: Well, we already put some tape on, I think we're putting some eyes on the product and we are having a good showing.

Beaver: Yeah, but we still have a lot to show to the WFW fans, we are here to stay and we want to be a household name.

Beaver and Squirrel: The Cage Brothers.

Beaver and Squirrel fist bumps as Lars gives them a big smile.

Lars: I want to know, how is it going the investigation on Rowan's attack? Have you find out that it was Adora Punk's fault?

Beaver: Why everyone here likes to jump to conclusions? We can't afford to prosecute someone who might be innocent.

Squirrel: Besides, Rowan's is fine, so we put a hold in the investigation.

Lars: Look guys, I want to show you something.

Lars waves and a little TV is brought to him by some staff.

Lars: Thanks Stacy! Look guys let's see this.

The TV shows the end bits of a few weeks back...

The camera moves slowly as it pans around the car to show the front passenger tire with all the tire's lug nuts sitting on the ground beside it. Rowan Grant shifts the car into reverse and slowly backs up out of his parking spot. The camera then pans and zooms in on Adora Punk in the background as she holds up an automatic drill and pulls the trigger on it causing it to spin and grind for a few moments.

Lars: See? She is pratically licking the tool she used to sabotage Rowan's car.

Beaver: How did we never got to see this? Oh man...

Squirrel: So what? She might be assembling something in that bush.

Squirrel snarls at the footage.

Lars is trying to change subjects.

Lars: Ok guys, that's enough. Let's talk about last week as you guys and Sohee Romano beat up Rhanogar, Yseris and Shane Brodi as it seemed to us as your best performance yet.

The Cage Brothers seem excited to talk about their win.

Squirrel Cage: Yeah dude, we totally had our best performance, and like I said, the best is yet to come, we want to be the best tag team that this company ever had!

Beaver: Shout outs to Sohee Romano, she kicked butt too, we loved working with her

The Cage Brothers stands up and form a big <3 with their arms.

Squirrel and Beaver: Sohee Romano, 우리는 너를 좋아한다.

Beaver: That's why she is officially in the Cage family now.

The camera suddenly changes perspective and we can see Sohee Romano in her locker room.

Sohee Romano: -Sneezes in Korean-

The camera abruptly changes back to the Cage Brothers and Lars.

Lars: Love it guys, we hope you're excited for what is to come. Ladies and gentleman, The Cage Brothers.

The Cage Brothers waves goodbye to the camera.
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