week 8 Kill Billver

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week 8 Kill Billver

Post by Beaver Cage on Thu Aug 09, 2018 1:14 am

Beaver Cage is seem in the backstage running with a katana in hand.

A few moments later we can see that Squirrel Cage is pursuing him with a katana of his own.

Beaver runs towards the building exit, sounds fatigued.

Rain pours down in the parking lot.

Beaver Cage gets into the parking lot, getting himself cornered on the fences around the parking lot.

Squirrel Cage approachs with a katana in hand.

Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor or Humanity. Starts to play.

Squirrel Cage: So, it came down to this, I never tought you would be capable of doing such horrible things.

Beaver Cage: Look, what is in the past is in the past, we have to look forward, I'm a changed person.

Squirrel Cage: Changed? How dare you say that you've changed, it wouldn't bring back my daughter back to life.

A thunderous lightning can be seen in the distance, it illuminates everything in the parking lot, we can see the sillhoutes of both men facing each other.

Beaver Cage: You know that it wasn't my fault, I had to get rid of her, she was an obstacle.

Squirrel Cage: NOOOO! I cannot accept that, I have to kill you...

After a moment of silence another lightning strikes as both men throws themselves at each other their blades clashing and coliding between the sounds of roaring thunder.

Beaver Cage: It's useless! You can't defeat me, I taught everything that you know!

Squirrel Cage: You're wrong, not everything.

Sparks flies out of the swords as their keep fighting, each blow struck is parried or dodged by both men.

Beaver Cage: You think you can kill me? You think you can kill Billver Cage, the mighty?

Squirrel Cage: No Billver, I don't think I can kill you, I know that I can kill Billver.

Lightning strikes again illuminating the parking lot as the rain falls, after a moment the music stops and we can only hear the rain hitting the ground.

Another lightining strikes as we can see sillhouttes again, one man had won. The silhoutte shows that someone have stabbed the other through the heart.

A few moments later another lightning strikes, closer to the parking lot, it lights the place as if it was the day, we can see Squirrel Cage faces as a single tear falls down his cheeks.

On the other side we can see the lifeless body of Beaver Cage, with a sword stuck right through his heart. It's over, the nightmare of Squirrel's life is finally over.

Squirrel Cage: I'm sorry... old friend.

The camera fades as a poster appears on the screen.

Beaver Cage: This reenactment was brought to you by BrockBuster, noone was harmed during the filming of this clip, leave the use of weapons to professionals don't try this at home.

Some chatter is heard from the background.

Beaver Cage: What do you mean that's not the name of our sponsor? Oh well, let's do it again, cut!

A few moments pass by and chatter can be heard again in the background.

Beaver Cage: What? We're live? WE ARE DOING IT LIVE? DAMNIT, WHAT THE...

The sounds gets cut and the screen fades to black
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Re: week 8 Kill Billver

Post by Squirrel Cage on Thu Aug 09, 2018 9:44 pm

Surely that ad should be placed at the beginning of the show. That way we create a scenario of possible betrayal, even before our match.
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