week 8 Business As Usual (Closed) [Backstage] [Towards beginning of the show or before match]

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week 8 Business As Usual (Closed) [Backstage] [Towards beginning of the show or before match]

Post by Sohee Romano on Sat Aug 11, 2018 12:19 am

The scene fades in from black backstage with the camera quickly moving through the corridor like an action movie as Sohee Romano and Taeyang Noh are quickly found and zoomed in on. Sohee Romano has her wrists tapped with white athletic tape and she is throwing punches at Taeyang Noh who is blocking them with his palms using them like punching bags. As Sohee Romano steps back and leaps up for a spinning back jump kick, Sarah Foster moves into the scene and quickly stumbles back to avoid the kick as the interviewer wasn't expecting it.

Sarah Foster: JESUS!!!

Taeyang Noh bends his torso forward as he folds over and laughs in the background as Sohee Romano steps forward to check on Sarah Foster making sure that she is alright. After a few moments Sarah Foster regains her composure and brings her microphone up to her lips so that she can speak.

Sarah Foster: Sohee Romano, tonight you get to team up with those moronic Cage Brothers for a six man tag team match against Yseris, Rhanogar and Shane Brody. A team that has been handpicked by my husband to squash all three of you once and for all. How does it feel to know that tonight will be your last here in War Force Wrestling?

Sohee Romano narrows her eyes a bit and glares at Sarah Foster as Taeyang Noh moves forward stepping between them as he has right right hand outstretched before him in an attempt to keep the peace.

Taeyang Noh: Whoa! Whoa whoa whoa, what the hell is wrong with you? You call yourself an interviewer?

Sohee Romano steps forward and grabs the wrist of Sarah Foster that is holding the microphone and pulls her closer so that Sohee Romano can speak into it.

Sohee Romano: 어떻게 감히!

Taeyang Noh looks at Sarah Foster and shakes his head as he makes a bunch of tsk tsk tsk sounds.

Taeyang Noh: I have to agree with Sohee on this one. How dare you!

Sarah Foster raises a curious brow waiting to see where this is going.

Taeyang Noh: Let me give you a little... Piece of advice Sarah... Sohee Romano is not someone you want to anger. She's ESPECIALLY not someone you want to anger when she already has control...

Sarah Foster can't help but to let out a loud laugh.

Sarah Foster: BWAHAHAHA!!! Sohee!? In control!? Are you out of your mind? This petite little thing is a joke! And Casey will make da--- GAAAHHHHHHH!!!!

Before Sarah Foster can finish what she is saying, Sohee Romano steps to the side while still holding the wrist of Sarah Foster and exerts pressure to the wrist to control it, and then spirals the elbow of Sarah Foster to force her down into a supine position as she steps down onto the small of her back and torques her hold on the wrist locking in the Nikyo Wrist Lock! With her finisher locked in firmly Sohee Romano leans forward and speaks into the microphone that she is forcing Sarah Foster to continue holding.

Sohee Romano: 누가 지금 작은 똥이야?

Taeyang Noh comes and and kneels down before Sarah Foster so that he is face to face with her as she continues to scream out in pain.

Taeyang Noh: Now you've gone and done it Sarah! You two are bringing out the worst in my client here as she said... Look who's the little -censored- now!

Sohee Romano pulls up on the wrist a bit more as she speaks in broken English.

Sohee Romano: Where... You... Belong...

Sohee Romano places her foot on the back of Sarah Foster's head and stomps down forcing Sarah Foster to smash her face into the hard floor of the corridor which silences her as Sarah Foster appears to be knocked out cold. Sohee Romano grabs the microphone out of Sarah Foster's hand and throws it down as hard as she can forcing it bounce off the back of Sarah's head with a loud THUD. Sohee Romano and Taeyang Noh walk away with the camera zooming in on Sarah Foster before fading to black.
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