Week 3 Clash of Champions

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Week 3 Clash of Champions

Post by Squirrel Cage on Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:55 pm

The camera is backstage where the Cage Brothers can be seen walking in a corridor.

They are proudly carrying what seems to be championship belts.

As the camera approaches it can be seen the WACT(World Animal Costume Tournament) Tag Team championship on their shoulders.


Beaver Cage: I told you we should’ve bring the belts since the beginning, look how imposing they are.

Squirrel Cage: It was exactly what we needed to be respected by the Platoon couple, we shouldn’t have bought those suits.

Beaver Cage: We’ll turn the page, the challenge was set. Look how cute they are.

Beaver Cage hugs his belt then starts to polish it.

After a few more steps Beaver stops.

Beaver Cage: Dude, we totally need to show these to Sohee!

Squirrel Cage: Yeah, let’s tell her how we won those belts on the ULTIMATE CAGE MATCH at the WACT.

Both brothers seem giddy and start to speed walk.

As they turn a corner they come face to face with the current WFW Tag Team Champions, Adora Punk and Kyra.

For a brief moment both teams cross their eyes, they pass through each other, never losing focus of one another.

Adora Punk glimpses at the WACT tag team titles and giggles a little.

Both teams are staring at each other very tensely.

A few moments pass as you could hear a pin drop, when Rowan Grant breaks the silence.

Rowan Grant: Wow, look what we have here.

Rowan gets between the teams.

Rowan Grant: Look, we will not have a backstage brawl, I can feel that you guys don’t like each other, I’ll tell what I’ll do.

Rowan stops and thinks for a fer moments.

Rowan Grant: Adora Punk, I still didn’t get my hands on your hide for what you did to me a few weeks ago.

Beaver Cage: She did what?

Rowan Grant: She sabotaged my car, remember?

Squirrel Cage: Did she? Oh now I’m mad.

Squirrel puts his Tag Team Title belt on his neck trying to imitate Adora Punk’s bandana.

Rowan Grant: You look ready to go, Squirrel. I’ve decided, tonight Squirrel Cage will face off against Adora Punk and next week, Beaver Cage will face Kyra. That’ll help you guys blow off some steam, and I’ll make it sure there will be no power outages.

Adora Punk scoffs at Rowan.

Adora Punk: You better be, fat boy. I’ll kick that little rodent’s ass with his toy.

Adora Punk points at the WACT Tag Team titles and cracks her knuckles.

Adokyra then leave the scene.

Rowan Grant: Don’t worry guys, you got this.

Beaver Cage: What did we do to them? I thought she was on our side.

Squirrel Cage: I don’t know, dude, but I’m ready to kick some 8-5-6 butt all over this arena.

The crowd pops as the scene fades to black.
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