week 2 Services For Rowan (GM OFFICE SCENE)

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week 2 Services For Rowan (GM OFFICE SCENE)

Post by Ty GunningZ on Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:14 am

As the crowd chants in the area, the titantron then shows a scene of the General Manager office with Rowan Grant in his black shirt and Jacket, standing up watching the show monitor as he senses someone sneaks up behind him as he turns around frantically …

{Rowan's Pic}

Rowan: Oh! It’s you! Umm who are you again?

The crowd cheers as the titantron then slowly shows the face Ty Gunningz ashe wears his usual dark vest military attire with dog tags around his neck as he has his hands stretched out and he replies…

{Ty's Pic}

Ty: Well it seems you have good instincts or maybe sense is the word I should use.

He slowly lowers his arm as he continues to speak…

Ty: Well who am I is not important, however what I can do for you is what may interest you and your future ideals.

Rowan responds without hesitation…

Rowan: I have no interest in your offers! So get out my office now!

Ty breathes heavily as he responds…

Ty: Well I expected this answer but let me tell you however since we are on the topic of who knows who. Well, someone you know has already started to make money moves, so if you would like to keep this show of your father the way it is, which to be honest I find totally disappointing you would contact me eventually. So I will wait until your ready…

Ty leaves the room as the crowd is quiet and the titantron shows a close-up of Rowan’s face before fading to black

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