week 4 In Need of services

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week 4 In Need of services

Post by Ty GunningZ on Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:58 pm

The titantron is showing a close up of Ty’s face as he is walking backstage towards a room as the camera zooms out and shows his black jacket and his joggers with a black air jordans. As he enters the camera then moves off of him slowly and focuses on Roy Bishop as he is wearing the white leather jacket and pants.

Roy: So you came. I am glad you answered my request.

The camera pans out to both Roy and Ty face.

Ty: Well you asked for my services but I am curious as to why you a person like you would want me?

Roy: Well I heard you have a great service, so I want to test that out.

Ty has a smirk on his face

Ty: So first of all, what offer you have in mind for my services?

Roy smiles

Roy: Let us sit down and continues this discussion at the table

The titantron then fades to black as the crowd is quiet in curiosity

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