week 3 C 4 visits Casey [Right after Sohee vs Brute match]

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week 3 C 4 visits Casey [Right after Sohee vs Brute match]

Post by C4Karura on Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:22 pm

The camera suddenly focuses to C 4 Karura, who is just outside the office of Casey Grant. He wears his long, shiny jacket and wrestling outfit. He looks very excited and confident as he knocks the door once before walking inside. Casey looks very troubled meanwhile, very angry indeed.

C4: Hello big brother Casey. I was just working out backstage and wanted to congratulate you for this first GM experience. You are the future of this federation and so many of us in locker room admire you.

C4 prepares to shake Casey's hand. Casey's face changes and accepts the greeting.

Casey: Thank you Akira. Or should I call you C4 because you look you are ready to fight. You aren't in action tonight so why are you dressed like that?

C4: We all need to be ready for anything and be in our best shape Mister GM. Your side should be as strong as you. You know what i mean right?

Casey stops for a moment and shakes his head slowly while showing a thoughtful appearance. Then he remembers something and changes the topic:

Casey: By the way, I was just watching the previous match of this so called wrestler, Sohee.

C4: Sohee? Is that the one who can't even speak English? She is a joke. I don't think she has a future in our perfect federation.

Casey: I don't think either. I thought she would give up after getting destroyed by the previous opponents but she managed to survive somehow.

C4: Big brother, you know I always support you but those 3 matches were joke. She needs to face a real tough opponent to show her worth.

Casey: You are damn right Akira! This people doesn't deserve slight matches. I will think about this in extenso.

The scene fades away to black.
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