week 8 Apocalypse Now

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week 8 Apocalypse Now

Post by Jax Paradise on Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:03 am

The camera feed switches to show a run down industrial warehouse. The camera focuses on one barely lit section of the biggest room. It shows four people dressed in all black and wearing Guy Fawkes masks. They are standing around a chair that has Rose bound and gagged. In walks Jax Paradise. After checking on Rose he looks into the camera and begins to speak.

Jax Paradise: "Well it would seem that your friend is not going to make the match afterall Road Warrior. Stupid fool should have never tried to help you. For there is no help for you. You chose to stand in my way and now you will be the first victim of the coming Apocalypse. Standing behind me are the charter members of my stable Doom. We will be riding for you at Resolution. Be prepared to meet mayhem and ruin."

The screen fades to black and the words Master of The Apocalypse appear written in blood.

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