week 8 Reverse interview

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week 8 Reverse interview

Post by Beaver Cage on Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:55 pm

Tipo da Ação: ​Interview
Locação: ​Backstage
Título do Tópico: The Reversal Interview

The camera shows Lars Olsen backstage with a microphone on his hands sitting on a big office chair. Near him there are 3 chairs.

The set is ready for an interview. Office chairs, plastic plants and a big screen behind them showing the ppv logo.

Lars Olsen: ladies and gentlemen on this special night we have a few #TeamRowan people, they went a long haul to be here and they look poised to bring the victory to the true future heir of WFW, Rowan Grant.

We can hear the crowd chanting "WFW" for a few moments.

Lars Olsen: let's welcome Sohee Romano and The Cage Brothers, The Korean Cage Family.

The Cage Brothers enters the scene and head to Lars, they high five and bro fist him as a greeting.

Squirrel Cage: Yeah, you got it, you are worthy to became our forth member.

Beaver Cage: The NordKorean Cage Family. Speaking of which, I forgot something.

While Squirrel Cage gets comfortable in his chair, Beaver Cage leaves the scene and return a few moments later with a body pillow. Before sitting in his chair Beaver puts the body pillow as gently as he can on one of the chairs. With the face of the body pillow facing Lars and the Camera.

Lars seen surprised as the image on the body pillow clearly looks like Sohee Romano.

Lars Olsen: Thank you guys, but... Where is Sohee? Wasn't she supposed to be with you?

Squirrel Cage: She's training, really hard.

Beaver Cage: That's why we brought Little Sohee here.

Beaver Cage tries to sneakly shake the body pillow to give it motion.

Sohee Romano's Pillow Doll: お尻をキックするためのトレーニング.

Lars Olsen: Guys, back to the point, before you got here I was telling the audience that you
three carry a heavy burden on your backs, Rowan is counting on you.

Squirrel Cage: For sure, and we are not going to disappoint Rowan, we are honored to represent #TeamRowan.

Beaver Cage: Speaking on a heavy burden burden, Sohee got a question for you!

Beaver Cage shakes the body pillow as it speaks.

Sohee Pillow Doll: あなたはInvictusのタイトルを長い間持ち歩いていましたか?

Lars Olsen: Err, sorry what did she said?

Squirrel Cage: she's asking you how was for you to carry the Invictus title for so long?

Lars Olsen: Oh, It was glorious, being a champion is something that you earn and once you get that, there is nothing better in the world, the fans, love or hate you, but they aknowledge you for what you are. Honestly it was great being a champion. What about you guys? Don't aren't you gunning for the tag titles after this?

Beaver Cage: we've been busy these last weeks, we still don't know who attacked Casey...

Sohee's Body Pillow: それはAdora Punkだった.

Beaver Cage: We don't know that. Anyway, this match and representing Rowan is more important than the titles for now, but we'll go after the titles sometime in the future.

Squirrel Cage: Yeah, first we'll bring #TeamRowan the victory, Rowan is going to get what he deserves as the true heir to WFW.

Lars Olsen: That is great guys, but what do you think of Sohee not being with you here tonight? Isn't that going to shake your chemistry tonight?

Beaver Cage: What are you talking about? She's right here in front of you.

Beaver Cage points toward Sohee but accidently chops Sohee's body pillow as she flops on the ground.

Sohee's body pillow: -falls in japanese-

Beaver Cage quickly gets Sohee's body pillow off the ground and again gently puts her on her seat.

Beaver Cage: I'm sorry.

Sohee's body pillow: -laughs in japanese-

Beaver Cage: See? Our friendship is based on trust and respect, you think this is a joke, Lars?

Lars Olsen: No, absolutely not, I'm just asking because Casey's team are all on the same page.

Squirrel Cage: We are on the same page.

Lars Olsen: Great, I guest that was it for tonight guys, thanks a lot for this short interview, but I would love if you youngsters take a hint from this old man here.

Beaver and Squirrel nods, Beaver shakes the body pillow's head in a nod.

Lars Olsen: I see a lot of passion on you three, that's what Rowan needs to make this
federation ever greater than we are already, we have the best fans in the world and I can garantee you guys that if you give your all in front of these fans they will recognize you guys as warriors and they will be behind you giving you the strength to keep pushing forward, so remember, give it your all, don't leave anything in the table, the future of this company lies within you, don't let Casey win, for the sake of this company.

Beaver and Squirrel nods as they embrace an emotional Lars, even the body pillow is moved by the genuine emotions that Lars displayed.

Sohee's body pillow gets down from the chair and joins the grizzly men in front of her

The came fades as everyone is embraced in a group hug.
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